Welcome to a showy selection of the best of the best from the current season's range. These are the new, rare and hot to trot plants of the season.


Salvias are one of the best garden plants around. They grow in a wide range of conditions and flower and flower and flower. Planting a range of Salvias will ensure months of colour for your garden and your vases. There is a huge variety to choose in a range of shapes and sizes. Salvias are low maintenance plants that become dry tolerant as they establish.

Species Liliums

Species Lilies are awesome. Shall we list the reasons why? Ok then arm twisted, here they are: They are easy to plant, just dig a little hole and fill it in. They love the sun but will prosper in part shade. Species Lilies can be left in the ground for years, where they will multiply steadily. The flowers are fantastic for picking. Some have a light fragrance, others none at all, which is great if you have issues with hay fever. Species Lily stems are packed with flowers, some have up to fifty at any one time. Their tall stature is eye catching from any angle of the garden.

Winter Rose Value Collection

A value packed way to fill the shady spots in your garden! Winter Roses are often unsung heroes in the garden. They require virtually no care yet will flower for months through the cold days of winter. The blooms are tops for picking and there is an abundance of them so you can pick and pick and pick all season long!

Winter Rose New and Recent Release

Winter Roses are easily hybridised ... but once you find a winner you then need to breed enough of them for commercial release. Sometimes it is hard to wait! Here are some absolute beauties. Using the best in modern breeding techniques with plants from around the world Winter Roses just keep getting better and better.

Winter Rose Elite Collection

This collection includes some of the best new Winter Rose breeding as well as some terrific, rare species types. Winter Roses offer valuable colour in the cool months, and prosper in the often hard to fill shaded spots of the garden.

Meadow Anemone

You just can’t help falling in love with some plants and Meadow Anemones are amongst those special few. They have wonderful, soft, deeply divided foliage that is so soft it rivals a teddy bear for cuddle factor. The blooms are saturated in colour and are similarly fuzzy which seems to magnify the colour. Up to 12 flowers open on Meadow Anemones at any one time and the show doesn’t stop there – after the petals fall the gorgeous seed heads remain.


Agastache is a steadfast in our garden. We planted one variety ten years ago and our collection continues to grow. They are just so easy and offer so much reward. Agastache come in a great colour range. The blooms open above the foliage and sway beautifully in even the lightest breeze creating lovely movement in the garden.

Bare rooted Trees

Trees and shrubs add structure or bones to a garden. They provide shade and micro climates within gardens. Bare rooted trees are easy to plant and quick to establish and grow. Winter is the perfect time to get your trees in the ground as it allows the roots time to settle in before the heat of summer. After planting your bare rooted trees ensure you keep them well watered until they establish.

Old world Lilies

Old World Lilies just ooze charm. They have a real presence in the garden that is hard to surpass. While they might look like delicate beauties they are really tough as old boots – that is how they became heritage varieties after all, they have stuck around and stood the test of time.


Dierama are top evergreen perennials that grow to form neat clumps of arching, grass like foliage. They will settle in after a season and soon be blooming through summer. The stems of pendent bells are gently arched and sway in the slightest breeze, creating movement and beauty from every angle.

Wood Anemones

These darling woodland Anemone plants are absolutely beautiful. They offer abundant blooms and lush foliage. They are well behaved and easy to grow, thriving in dappled shade.

Sumo LA Lilies

The biggest and the best LA Lilies of the season. These bulbs are well developed and ready to flower with up to ten blooms on each stem!

New Oriental Lilies

Lily breeding is largely driven by florists who seek colour and beauty. Here are some of the latest varieties that have also proven to be great in gardens.

Pot Oriental Lilies

These lilies are the perfect size for potting. While the stems may be compact, the flower size, numbers and perfume have not been compromised.

Cascading Cymbidium Orchids

These elegant plants offer a long lasting spectable in pots or hanging baskets. They come with easy to follow care instructions.

Dalmation Foxgloves

Dalmation foxgloves have compact foliage with excellent, uniform branching and will flower from seed in their first year.

On Top Tuberous Begonias

Innovative new Begonias. The foliage is well branched, forming tidy mounds of deep green leaves that are covered in colourful blooms from late spring to frost. They are more heat and sun tolerant than many Beongias and have excellent disease resistance.

Kalanchoe Flaming Katy

Multi petalled hybrids with bright flowers all summer long. Great in pots.


Viburnum are hard working, showy shrubs. Viburnum 'Onondarga' has upright structure and pink buds. Viburnum 'Tomentosum' flowers blush pink with age. Viburnum 'Mariesii' has horizontal branching.


There is no need to worry about too mcuh sun, frosts or a bit of neglect, Daylilies will power through with ease. They are simple and ready to please!

Aquilegia Clementine

The upright flowral stems rise high above the lush, dense foliage, each one packed with delightful, double blooms. The soft, fern like foliage grows to form nice mounds.d

Peruvian Lilies

These valuable garden plants bloom and bloom and bloom! Inca Peruvian lilies are lovely and compact. The flower stems are especially good for picking.


Perennials are those fabulous plants you see and just fall in love with. Perennials add colour, structure and form to your garden beds.

There are a range of perennials on offer from evergreen (year round interest), semi evergreen (will remain evergreen in warmer climates, though don’t grow much through winter) and herbaceous (have a rest period during the year, usually winter where they die down to just a crown in dormancy before remerging in spring). Each type has major advantages in your garden beds. They are easy to use and each comes with detailed, easy to apply growing instructions.

Happy Daffs

A cheerful selection of Jonquil types that have a lovely perfume, multiple flower heads and strong growth.

Snow Crocus

New Dutch Iris

An elite selection of the next generation Dutch Iris. They offer vigorous growth, longer flowering time and extended vase life.

  • Dutch Iris Shooting Star

    A star!

  • Dutch Iris Blue Sapphire

    New in 2017.

    This product is not available this season.

  • Dutch Iris Silvery Beauty

    A beauty.

    This product is not available this season.

Trumpet Daffodils

These are traditional daffodils with a little something extra. Fantastic in mass planting and are ever so reliable.

Naturalising Daffodils

Daffodils are a pleasure to grow and care for. By planting a selection of them, they can bring you cheer from June to November.

  • Daffodil Camelot

    Our favourite golden trumpet.

  • Daffodil Signor

    A cut above.

  • Daffodil Ballade

    Big and bright.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Daffodil Spellbinder

    Spellbinding blooms.

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  • Trumpet Daffodils Collection

    Sound the trumpets!

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Dwarf Bearded Iris

Miscellaneous beauties


Sultans of Spring Tulips

Tapestry of Tulips

  • Tulip Paul Scherer

    Black is the new black!

  • Tulip Salvo

    A fun colour combination.

  • Tulip Synaeda Blue

    Petal perfection.

    This product is not available this season.

  • Lily Tulip Tres Chic

    Totally chic!

    This product is not available this season.

  • Tulip Candy Prince

    A prince among blooms.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • A Tapestry of Tulips Collection

    High impact flowers.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • A Tapestry of Tulips (reduced) Collection

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Tulip Ballade

    Romantic blooms.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Daffodil Delights


Species Tulips

Species Tulips have a more relaxed or whimsical feel than the common hybridized varieties. If planted in a well drained soil in a spot that does not get too hot over summer then the bulbs of Species Tulips can be left in the ground for many years. Species Tulips are ideal for rock gardens, lawn plantings, pots or towards the front of a border.

Species Crocus

Dwarf Iris

Limited release Grape Hyacinths

Fragrant Hyacinths

  • Sale-badge

    Hyacinth Apricot Passion

    Passionate about perfume.

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  • Sale-badge

    Hyacinth Purple Star

    A garden star!

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    Hyacinth Sweetheart

    Sweet flowers.

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  • Hyacinth Collection

    Perfume that packs a punch!

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  • Hyacinth White City

    New in 2017.

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Modern Monet Tulips

Big, bold blooms. Monet Tulips are tall, strong and long lasting, perfect for the garden. We love the array of bold, bright colour that this hardy range of Monet tulips provide. Classic beauties that look beautiful planted among other spring flowering bulbs and annuals. Monet Tulips have the biggest, boldest flower heads and the strongest stems of all tulip varieties. Plant these tulip bulbs in full sun or light shade for great results.

These Monet Tulips are generally available from Mid January until Mid May.

  • Monet Tulip Carmine

    Be mine, carmine.

  • Monet Tulip Beaumes de Venise

    Red hot!

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Monet Tulip Bollene

    So chic!

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Monet Tulip Batavia

    Gorgeous goblets!

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  • Monet Tulip Double Maureen

    Floral sophistication.

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  • Monet Tulip La Courtine

    Flaming petals.

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  • Modern Monet Tulips Collection

    Huge flowers.

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  • Modern Monet Tulips (reduced) Collection

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Wild Hyacinths

Recent releases

Double Oriental Liliums

Matisse Asiatic Liliums

Sonatini Hippeastrums

I’m not sure we can sing the praises of Sonatini Hippeastrums highly enough! They are one of the great bulbs that you can just plant and forget, similar to Nerines and Belladonna Lilies. Sonatini Hippeastrums will grow in cool climates with ease – there is no need to lift them every year, in fact, once planted you will have decades of reliable blooms.

Peony Rose

Here are our limited release Peony Roses. The rare treats for the garden! Peony Roses make fabulous garden plants that will last for decades. Once they settle in and make themselves at home they will produce bountiful blooms for many weeks. The Peony Rose flowers are fantastic for picking and have a lovely perfume.

Tree Peony

Aquilegia Songbird Series

The Aquilegia Songbird Series are F1 hybrids with larger, upward facing flowers with long spurs and more compact foliage than the common forms. The blooms average 7-8cm across.

Calla Lilies

Plant a range of colourful Calla Lily blooms for a succession of fabulous flowers through summer. Great in the garden and great for picking! Calla Lilies grow everywhere from Queensland to Tasmania with a similar line along the West Coast. Plant them in full sun to semi shade and keep watered for best results.

Winter Rose

We love these plants for their easy going nature and exquisite flowers. Plant one, you are sure to be hooked!

Cannova Canna Lilies

Fantastic next generation Canna Lilies! They offer even more flowers and boast the ability to thrive in both cool and tropical climates. Cannova Canna Lilies have an impressive floral show that lasts up to six months.

Delphinium Sherwood Series

The Sherwood Series Delphiniums are stunning. The flowers open on lovely straight stems in summer and if treated well, again in autumn. The show lasts well and has a wonderful, romantic feel. The colours can be combined or singled out to create a delightful show. The crowns will last years and the flowers will set viable seed so Delphiniums are a great garden investment.

Tried and Tested

Hardy Shrubs

Mexican Sage


Agastache is a steadfast in our garden. We planted one variety ten years ago and our collection continues to grow. They are just so easy and offer so much reward. Agastache come in a great colour range. The blooms open above the foliage and sway beautifully in even the lightest breeze creating lovely movement in the garden.




Bramble Berries

Lily love

Diamond Awards of the Limited Edition Catalogue

The Tesselaar Diamond Award highlights plants of distinction.

All the plants we offer you are garden worthy, but for the prestigious Tesselaar Diamond Award, we select only those plants that stand out from the crowd. The best of the best.

Our criteria is based on their floriferous nature, their hardiness, their disease resistance, their ease of care, or their sparkle of exceptional beauty.

Diamond Award plants are exceptional, because like diamonds, gardens are forever.

Best of

Mistral Anemones

These magnificent Mistral Anemones will flowe earlier, have top botrytis resistance and produce prolific blooms with lovely, tall stems that last well in gardens and vases.

Sumo Oriental Lilies

Oriental Sumo Lilies are the biggest and the best Lilium bulbs on offer. You can expect plenty of flowers from the get go. The blooms open on tall, strong stems.

The exotic blooms of the Sumo Oriental Liliums have the strongest fragrance, are the most heat tolerant and the most flamboyant flowers of all the Liliums.

Sumo Oriental Liliums add glamour and fragrance to the garden. They are also tough, withstanding our hot summers.

Plant Sumo Oriental Liliums in a permanent position in the garden, the longer they establish the more flowers they will bear. Ensure you fertilise your Sumo Oriental Liliums well, this will ensure the best blooms. In warmer climates, grow your Oriental Liliums in part shade or morning sun so the flowers last longer.

Create an indulgent display of colour with Oriental Liliums. Gorgeous in the garden and perfect for cut flowers too.

Sumo Asiatic Lilies

New Age Tiger Liliums

New Age Tiger Lilies have all the fabulous old fashioned flavour teamed with state of the art breeding to create better, stronger, more disease resistant varieties. These New Age Tiger Lilies have style in spades.

Plant your New Age Tiger Lilies in a full sun to part shade location. They are best planted in groups of at least three to have an impact. Plant them twice as deep as the bulb is high then water in. From planting they will take around 14 weeks to flower. By planting your Lily bulbs in groups a week or so apart you will extend your flowering show.

Sumo Matisse Oriental Lilies


Hippeastrums are extroverts, enjoying the limelight and always receiving compliments for their showy display. Fantastic in pots or planted in the front of the garden where they can be admired and enjoyed. The big, bright trumpet flowers will brighten home and garden. You could plant the bulbs in pots and show them off near the barbecue on the patio or as a centre piece at your next outdoor dinner party - a mobile beauty for summer pleasure. These hardy varieties will flower with little effort producing 1 or 2 stems with up to 4 trumpets each.

Ranunculus Elegance


Zygocactus or Schlumbergera is an epiphytic cactus native to Brazil where they grow on rock crevices and tree boughs and are pollinated by humming birds. They have been in cultivation since the early 1800’s.

Easy to grow and care for plants that are perfect in pots and hanging baskets. Grow them on the patio, under trees or even indoors. The leaves are connected in flat segments, 4-6cm. long. They are bright to mid green.

Zygocactus or Schlumbergera are a hardy choice, with brightly coloured flowers. Each bloom is around 8cm long. The flowers open at the ends of the leaf stems. Ideal flowering conditions are bright, filtered light with short days and long, cool nights (11-13 hours of darkness, including bright artificial light). Buds will drop if the temperatures are too high or the soil too dry.

The leaves will turn yellow if they are getting too much sun. Water to establish, then allow the soil to become dry on top before watering again. Ensure you plant in a good quality, well drained potting mix. Adding a little peat moss for acidity is beneficial. A light application of water soluble fertiliser early spring and late summer is helpful for blooms. Allow pot to become overcrowded before potting on. Keep an eye out for fungal disease and treat with your choice of fungicide.

Ideally pop them outside in a shady spot for summer and bring them indoors when flowering in autumn and winter for a bit of colour. Also known as Crab Cactus.

Cymbidium Orchids

Bulk Buys

Buy from the Bulk Buy range and make savings

Hardy Heros

Bambino Dahlia


Picotee Tuberous Begonias

Trailing Tuberous Begonias

Especially good under eaves, or on patios, these abundant bloomers are simple and rewarding to grow.

Ruffled Tuberous Begonias

Traffic stopping blooms! The flowers are double and full with frilly edges. Fantastic in pots and hanging baskets.

Show offs

Sumo Calla Lilies

We have had a bumper season and these tubers are huge! You will have at least ten flowers from the first year and they will only build from there.