Diamond Awards of the Limited Edition Catalogue

The Tesselaar Diamond Award highlights plants of distinction.

All the plants we offer you are garden worthy, but for the prestigious Tesselaar Diamond Award, we select only those plants that stand out from the crowd. The best of the best.

Our criteria is based on their floriferous nature, their hardiness, their disease resistance, their ease of care, or their sparkle of exceptional beauty.

Diamond Award plants are exceptional, because like diamonds, gardens are forever.

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    Sumo Christmas Lilies White Dragon

    Large bulbs.

    SAVE UP TO $34.00
  • Trumpet Lily Pink Perfection

    Pink, fragrant trumpets.

  • Foliage Dahlia Bollywood Dancer

    Lush ebony foliage with bright blooms.

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    Aquilegia Chocolate Soldier

    Deliciously sweet flowers.

    SAVE UP TO $16.50
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    Tiger Lilies Red Velvet

    Dramatically deep red.

    SAVE UP TO $14.50
  • Philadelphus Mock Orange

    A top flowering shrub.

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    Leichtlin's Lily

    Sunshine petals.

    SAVE UP TO $14.50
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    Sumo Oriental Lilies Mixed

    Big bulbs and blooms.

    SAVE UP TO $20.00
  • Osteospermum 3D Purple Blue

    Months upon months of flowers.

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    Delphinium Dusky Maidens

    Marvellous maidens.

    SAVE UP TO $16.50
  • Sidalcea Rosaly

    Silken petals.

  • Sonatini Hippeastrum Eye Catcher

    One to watch!

  • New Age Tiger Lilies Collection

    Playful characters.

  • Sale-badge

    Sumo Oriental Lilies Marlon

    Super sized bulbs.

    SAVE UP TO $25.50
  • Sumo Matisse Oriental Lilies Scarlet Delight

    XXXL bulbs.

    Only 9 remaining
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    Foliage Dahlia Romeo

    Here art Thou!

    SAVE UP TO $12.50
  • Hippeastrum Apricot Parfait

    Delicious flowers!

  • Dahlia Aquarius

    New in 2017.

  • Sonatini Hippeastrum White Rascal

    New in 2017.

  • Hippeastrum Minerva

    Impressive summer colour.

  • Tiger Lilies Pearl Jennifer

    Yellow polka dot lily.

  • Sale-badge

    Sumo Oriental Lilies Bacardi

    Hot garden colour.

    SAVE UP TO $25.50
  • Sumo Matisse Oriental Lilies Miss Lily

    Big bulbs ready to burst into bloom.

  • Sumo Calla Lilies Collection

    Huge tubers!

  • Sumo Calla Lilies Hot Cherry

    Monstrous tubers.

  • Sale-badge

    Tiger Lilies Red Life

    Grrrreat lilies.

    SAVE UP TO $14.50
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    Sumo Oriental Lilies Premium Blonde

    Premium blooms, premium bulbs.

    SAVE UP TO $25.50
  • Sumo Asiatic Lilies Honesty

    Huge bulbs packed with blooms.

  • Hippeastrum Fairytale

    Fantastical flowers.

  • Sumo Oriental Lilies Collection

    Fragrant flamboyance!

  • Sumo Matisse Oriental Lilies Silk Road

    Super sized bulbs.

  • Sumo Calla Lilies Hot Chocolate

    XXL Calla Tubers.

  • Hippeastrum Flamenco Queen

    Hot to trot!

  • Sumo Calla Lilies Passion Fruit

    Massive tubers.

  • Sumo Oriental Lilies Cadenza

    A touch of the exotic.

  • Hippeastrum Rebecca

    A pink and white delight.

  • Sumo Oriental Lilies Bonbini

    A garden star.

  • Sumo Calla Lilies Hot Shot

    Big and bold.

  • Sumo Calla Lilies Mixed

    A mixed bag of BIG tubers.

  • Sumo Oriental Lilies Baywatch

    Big bulbs!

  • Sumo Calla Lilies Florex Gold

    Super sized tubers.

  • Sumo Calla Lilies Swan Lake

    Bumper season, bumper tubers.

  • Sumo Asiatic Lilies Cevennes

    Sumo sized bulbs.

  • Sumo Asiatic Lilies Pavia

    BIG bulbs!

  • Cymbidium Orchids Kiwi Davenport 'Flying High'

    A show winning variety.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Lonicera Floribunda

    Elegant and perfumed.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Dahlia Eureka

    New in 2017.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Cymbidium Orchids One Tree Hill 'Solstice Gold'

    Go for gold.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.