New Age Tiger Liliums

New Age Tiger Lilies have all the fabulous old fashioned flavour teamed with state of the art breeding to create better, stronger, more disease resistant varieties. These New Age Tiger Lilies have style in spades.

Plant your New Age Tiger Lilies in a full sun to part shade location. They are best planted in groups of at least three to have an impact. Plant them twice as deep as the bulb is high then water in. From planting they will take around 14 weeks to flower. By planting your Lily bulbs in groups a week or so apart you will extend your flowering show.

  • Tiger Lily Tiger Babies

    A dwarf Tiger Lily.

  • Tiger Lilies Collection

    Playful characters.

  • Tiger Lilies Red Velvet

    Dramatically deep red.

  • Tiger Lilies Mixed

    Old world charmers with a new age twist.

  • Tiger Lilies Red Life

    Grrrreat lilies.

  • Tiger Lilies Pearl Jennifer

    Yellow polkadot Lily.