These bulbs are easy peasy. They are called 'naturalising' because once planted they can be left in the ground year after year and with only the occasional dose of fertiliser they will reward you with abundant flowers. Many of these bulbs originate in South Africa where the climate is quite similar to Australia so they prosper with very little effort. Simply plant and enjoy!


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    Peacock Iris

    Intricate colouring.

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    Sparaxis Mixed

    Incredible colour.

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  • Sparaxis Purple Velvet

    Exquisite deep purple flowers for naturalising.

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    Grape Hyacinth Blue

    Amazing early colour.

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  • Ixia Mixed

    Versatile and resilient.

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    Allium Drumsticks

    Popular late season blooms.

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  • Bluebells Blue

    Striking blue for sun or shade.

  • Siberian Iris Blue Sapphire

    Sensational flowers.

  • Star of Bethlehem

    Sublime stars.

  • Silver Chimes

    Chime in for spring.

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Belladonna Lily

Naturally lovely, Belladonna Lilies or Amaryllis are super tough bulbs that are virtually fool proof. A top choice for gardens or pots and if you can bear to pick them they even do well in a vase.

In average conditions up to four flowers open on a stem, in ideal conditions and from a mature bulb, up to twelve can bloom! The blooms have a sweet honeysuckle fragrance. Once the flowers have finished the foliage emerges which is attractive and glossy.

They thrive in any well drained soil and can tough out the dry. Plant in a sunny spot. Belladonna Lilies need water the most late summer to autumn when they are flowering – this time is usually blessed with rain so you shouldn’t need to do much to compensate.

You don’t need to lift your bulbs each season, just leave them in the ground or pot to naturalise. Fertilise annually in spring with a well rotted animal manure or synthetic slow release fertiliser.

Also known as 'Naked Ladies', because their flowers emerge first, without the modesty of foliage.

  • Belladonna Lilies Collection

    Hardy sun lovers.

  • Belladonna Lilies Hathor

    Sweetly scented.

  • Belladonna Lily Pink

    Easy peasy!


Dutch Crocus

The blooms are the largest of the Crocus, and Dutch Crocus are also one of the easiest Crocus to grow.
Dutch Crocus grow best in cool to temperate climates where they look best in rockeries, beds and pots. Choose a sunny spot with well drained soil. They will tolerate light shade, such as under deciduous trees, especially in more Temperate zones. The bulbs of Dutch Crocus don't need to be lifted every year, if they are protected from the hot summer sun and have good drainage, so you can allow them to naturalise and only dig and divide after four or five years.

Dutch Crocus are generally available from Mid January until Mid May.


  • Nerine Aurea

    Autumn gold.

  • Nerines Fothergilli Major

    Sparkling petals.

  • Nerine Winter Cheer

    Cheer your winter days.

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    Nerine Bowdenii

    April flowers.

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  • Nerines Collection

    Easy and reliable.

  • Nerines Rosea

    Autumn colour.


Spring Star Flowers

  • Spring Star Flowers Mixed

    Absolute stars.

  • Spring Star Flowers Mauve

    One of the easiest bulbs to grow.

  • Spring Star Flowers Star Bright

    Prolific bloomers.


Cottage Gladioli

Perfectly sized for small gardens or large pots. The straight stems of Cottage Gladioli don’t require staking and are fantastic for cutting too.

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