Other perennials

Adding perennials to your garden enables you to create stunning shows throughout the seasons. There is an almost endless supply of form and colour to choose from and one for almost every situation.

Plant your perennials in autumn and spring to give them time to settle in to the garden before the extremes of summer and winter. Water them in well and keep the water up to them until they establish. As they settle in they will become less needy and you can just relax and enjoy them.

  • Nepeta Pink Cat

    A cool cat to beat the heat.

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    Nepeta Blue Moon

    Pollinators love this plant!

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  • Sinningia Caudex Plant

    A fantastic talking point.

  • Dianthus Superb

    Easy care with plenty of flowers.

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  • Silver Rabbit's Foot Fern

    A fine fern.

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    Dipladenia Rio Pink

    Versatile and fuss free.

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    Dipladenia Rio White

    Easy bloomers.

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  • Polygonatum Red Stem

    Super in shade.

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  • Dierama Alba


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