Viticella Clematis Negritjanka

Dark and mysterious.

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A profusion of deep, plum purple flowers from late spring to autumn. Clematis 'Negritjanka' is one of the darkest Clematis colours available. Stunning in combination with Clematis 'Prince Charles'.
Clematis 'Negritjanka' was bred at the Kiev Botanical Garden in the Ukraine, in the 1960's, the name translates to African girl. It is actually a Viticella cross, with Clematis hybrid 'Gipsy Queen'.

Growing Viticella Clematis will have you looking like an expert green thumb without any of the hard work! They are simple, hardy and will establish quickly. The flowers are small but there are LOTS of them, they literally cover the tendrils.

Viticella Clematis are also known as Italian Clematis. They are more heat tolerant and so will take more sun than the larger flowering varieties of Clematis. The cut flowers will even last well in a vase.

Viticella Clematis flower spring to autumn on the current season's growth, so pruning is simple, just cut them back to around 20cm in early spring, pruning Group 3 (flowers on new wood).

Clematis can be trained to grow on a trellis, fence, through trees and shrubs, along pergolas or any where you like! They are so versatile; you can even use them as a ground cover.
Grow Clematis in humus rich, moist, well drained soil. They need good drainage or the roots will rot. Plant so they will receive around six hours sun a day and shield from the hot afternoon rays. You can also grow Clematis in pots.
To perform at their best they should be fertilised well. Use a Rose Fertiliser every three months or so.



Botantical name

Clematis viticella






Summer to Autumn


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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