Tulips may have a reputation as ‘difficult customers’ but in most cases this is undeserved. When you buy a tulip bulb the flower is already pre-formed and ready to bloom. All you need to do is plant your tulip bulbs it into well drained soil in a sunny spot, fertilise and water occasionally then wait for your very own tulip show.

Tesselaar Top 8 Tulips

  • Tulip Flaming Flag

    A violet riot.

  • Tulip Cacharel

    A stunning choice.

  • Sale-badge

    Tulip Gavota

    Striking colouration.

    SAVE UP TO $50.00
  • Tesselaar Top 8 Tulips Collection

    Super stars!

  • Tulip Paul Scherer

    Black is the new black!

  • Sale-badge

    Tulip Leen van der Mark

    Intense colouring.

    SAVE UP TO $50.00
  • Tulip Asahi

    Hot colour.

  • Tulip Salvo

    A fun colour combination.

  • Tulip Furand

    A wow factor bloom.


Monet Tulips

Big, bold blooms. Monet Tulips are tall, strong and long lasting, perfect for the garden. We love the array of bold, bright colour that this hardy range of Monet tulips provide. Classic beauties that look beautiful planted among other spring flowering bulbs and annuals. Monet Tulips have the biggest, boldest flower heads and the strongest stems of all tulip varieties. Plant these tulip bulbs in full sun or light shade for great results.

These Monet Tulips are generally available from Mid January until Mid May.

  • Monet Tulips Dordogne

    Peachy keen colour.

  • Monet Tulips Mixed

    Towering colour.

  • Monet Tulips Collection

    Big, bold and beautiful.

  • Monet Tulips White

    White wonders.

  • Monet Tulips Lemon Lace

    Huge lemon flowers with feathered edges.

  • Monet Tulips Gold

    Large, golden goblets.

  • Monet Tulips Monet Camargue

    Grand blooms.

  • Monet Tulips Party Pink

    Celebrate spring.

  • Monet Tulips Scarlet

    Bold colour.

  • Monet Tulips Pink

    Think pink.

  • Monet Tulip Carmine

    Be mine, carmine.

  • Monet Tulips Sauternes

    Big blooms.


Bokassa Tulips

Bokassa Tulips are the premium Tulip range for potting. The flowers of these tulips are a medium height with compact foliage that lends perfectly to container plantings. Add annuals such as Pansies at the time of planting for a long and colourful display. These tulips will perform equally well in the garden.

These Bokassa Tulips are generally available from Mid January until Mid May.

  • Sale-badge

    Bokassa Tulips First Class

    A classy choice.

    SAVE UP TO $50.00
  • Bokassa Tulips Red

    Ravishing red.

  • Bokassa Tulips Verandi

    Orange brilliance.

  • Bokassa Tulips Babydoll

    A cool blend of colour.

  • Bokassa Tulips Saigon

    Perfectly purple.

  • Bokassa Tulips Gold

    Go for gold!

  • Bokassa Tulips White

    Crisp white petals.

  • Bokassa Tulips Collection

    The premium range for potting.

  • Bokassa Tulips Rose

    Rosy cheeks.


Double Tulips

Full blown beauties. These flamboyant flowers unfurl gradually to expose layer upon layer of petals, like old fashioned frilly petticoats. The large flowers are long lasting on short to medium stems. Great in pots or garden beds.

Tulips are generally available from Mid January until Mid May.

  • Double Tulips Carnaval de Nice

    One of the best.

  • Double Tulips Angelique

    Peony like blooms.

  • Double Tulips Black Hero

    A garden hero!

  • Sale-badge

    Double Tulips Horizon

    A striking double.

    SAVE UP TO $13.50
  • Sale-badge

    Double Tulips Monsella

    Flaming flowers.

    SAVE UP TO $13.50
  • Double Tulips Cartouche

    A delight.

  • Double Tulip Double Price

    Full and fabulous.

  • Double Tulips Collection

    Voluminous and voluptuous.

  • Double Tulips White Heart

    All heart.


Parrot Tulips

True extroverts. Colourful, frilled and flamboyant, Parrot tulips always create a stir in the garden. Their ravishing bicolored, frilled petals are decadent. They remain reliable, tough and hardy. Each petal is a work of art, each flower a masterpiece.

These Parrot Tulips are generally available from Mid January until Mid May.

  • Parrot Tulips Collection

    A triumph of colour.

  • Parrot Tulip Black Parrot

    Black is back!

  • Parrot Tulips Weber's Parrot

    Fabulous feathers.

  • Parrot Tulips Bright Parrot

    Vibrant blooms.

  • Parrot Tulips Super Parrot

    Super tulips!

  • Parrot Tulips Blue Parrot

    Works of art.

  • Parrot Tulips Lucky Parrot

    Lucky be a tulip!


New and Highlight Tulips

  • Fringed Tulip Real Time

    Show stealer.

  • Double Tulips Columbus

    New in 2018.

  • Fringed Tulip Queensland

    A royal bloom!


Tried and Tested Tulips

  • Viridiflora Tulip Spring Green

    Fresh for spring.

  • Tulip World's Favourite

    Luminous tulips.

  • Tulip Strong Gold

    Glittering gold.

  • Tulip Negrita

    Tried and tested.

  • Tulip Attila Graffiti

    Fantastic plum red blooms.

  • Tulip Rosalie


  • Tried and Tested Tulips Collection

    Some of the best.

  • Tulip Playgirl

    Playful petals.

  • Tulip Gerrit van der Valk

    Long blooming.

  • Tulips Synaeda Show

    A classic beauty.


Colour blend Tulips

Variety is the spice of life. Special selections of tulips that look sensational when planted together. We have chosen some stunning combinations that are bound to give your garden glamour when planted en masse. Clump them together and enjoy the effects of complementary colour that is both big on impact and big on performance. We find these are always a favourite with our customers as they are colours that work so well together. Hardy by nature, these tulips are ideal for Australian conditions and are a reliable spring bloomer.

  • Colour Blend Tulips Pillow Talk

    Soft and sweet.

  • Colour Blend Tulips Royal Parade

    Pure majesty.

  • Colour Blend Tulips Saucy Secrets

    The secret is out!

  • Colour Blend Tulips Hot n Spicy

    Some like it hot!

  • Colour Blend Tulips Double Entendre

    Twice as nice.


Fringed Tulips

Extravagant petals, these flowers have all the frills! Unusual tulips that will create wonderful displays in your garden. Their unique shape lends beautifully to the texture of the garden.

These Fringed Tulip are generally available from Mid January until Mid May.

  • The Black Tulip Queen of the Night

    Tall, dark and handsome.

  • Fringed Tulips Honeymoon

    Fall in love.

  • Fringed Tulip Real Time

    Show stealer.

  • Fringed Tulips Cuban Night

    Dark and dramatic.

  • Sale-badge

    Fringed Tulips Hamilton

    Fiery flowers.

    SAVE UP TO $13.50
  • Fringed Tulips Collection

    Totally frilling!

  • Fringed Tulip Queensland

    A royal bloom!

  • Fringed Tulips Santander

    Fringed and fabulous.

  • Fringed Tulips Fabio

    Light my fire!

  • Fringed Tulips Curly Sue

    Graceful blooms.

  • Fringed Tulips (reduced) Collection

    Totally frilling!


Other tulips

Tulipmania might have transpired nearly four hundred years ago but the spirit lives on in gardeners everywhere. This list of tulips represents a top selection that is well suited to the Australian environment.

These tulips are generally available from Mid January until Mid May.

  • Lily Tulips Claudia

    Pointed petals.


Mixes and Collection of Tulips