Other Clematis Species

Clematis are easy and reliable in the garden. They flower for ages and they are easy care. If you plant a variety, you will have a clematis in flower year round. This is a cracker selection. The cirrhosa species will flower through winter, right when you need them. The Viticella types establish quickly and bring you months of flowers. Ingegrifolia Clematis are delicate beauties that grow with easy abandon. They are all wonderful, what can we say, it is hard to pick a favourite!

  • Clematis Purity

    An evergreen stunner.

  • Clematis Rooguchi

    Garden elegance.

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  • Clematis Wisley Cream

    Winning winter blooms.

  • Clematis Blue Angel

    Floral abundance.

  • Clematis Golden Clematis

    New in 2019.