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Nerines - the ultimate source of low maintenance colour in Autumn & Winter.

The secret of their success.

These wonderful Nerine bulbs have been deservedly popular with generation after generation of gardeners. When I first came into the industry I could not understand their timeless appeal. After all, most bulbs & perennials enjoy a popularity cycle which peaks & troughs over a period of 3 - 10 years. However, Nerines were still enjoying the high & steady level of popularity that they had been experiencing for many, many decades. Most gardeners who have learned the “tricks of the trade“ from their mothers or grandmothers have probably been told about the beauty of these bulbs. I guess I wasn`t listening on the day my mother gave me that lesson (or perhaps I thought I knew better at the time) It wasn`t until I grew some of these bulbs in my own garden that I fully understood the secret of their appeal.....

The secret of the appeal of Nerines is simple: They're very low maintenance (plant & forget!), very colourful, exceptionally elegant and, most importantly I believe, they flower in Autumn & Winter. Nerines are a wonderful for creating colour accents in Autumn & Winter. When Nerine bulbs are planted densely or allowed to naturalise into thick clumps, they provide a splash of bold & brilliant colour against the dreary colours of the dull seasons & its when you see this `phenomenon` that you fully appreciate these wonderful bulbs.

Be even smarter & plant for a succession of flowers...

Another, lesser appreciated but very important benefit of Nerines is that the different varieties flower at different times . This means that if you plant a range of varieties, you will enjoy splashes of Nerine colour from February until Winter every year. See the list below for individual varieties descriptions & flowering times.

The 'Guernsey Lily'

Nerines are also known as the “Guernsey Lily“ (more so in Europe than in Australia) because, once upon a time some bulbs were washed ashore Guernsey in the English Channel from a passing ship & the bulbs established themselves upon the shores. The bulbs created such a beautiful & memorable display that these bulbs became known as the “Guernsey Lily“.

Nerine varieties & flowering time:

Buying Nerine bulbs.

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