Oriental Lilies Mero Star

Oriental Lilies Mero Star

Garden stars.

Out of season.


Species:x auratum x speciosum
Climate:Cool to Sub-Tropical
Aspect:Full Sun to Semi Shade
Supplied as:Bulbs
Water needs:2

The red flowers of 'Mero Star' have a narrow white edge that intensifies the colouring. The flowers are huge, up to 19cm across!

Liliums are easy, the longer you leave them, the more they flower!

The exotic blooms of the Oriental Liliums have the strongest fragrance, are the most heat tolerant and the most flamboyant flowers of all the Liliums.

Oriental Liliums add glamour and fragrance to the garden. They are also tough, withstanding our hot summers. Plant Oriental Liliums in a permanent position in the garden, the longer they establish the more flowers they will bear. Ensure you fertilise your Oriental Liliums well, this will ensure the best blooms. In warmer climates, grow your Oriental Liliums in part shade or morning sun so the flowers last longer.

Create an indulgent display of colour with Oriental Liliums. Gorgeous in the garden and perfect for cut flowers too.

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