Asiatic and LA Lilies

LA and Asiatic Lilies have wonderfully bright blooms. They come in a great variety for you to spice up your summer garden. The blooms have little to no fragrance and make top cut flowers.

LA and Asiatic Lilies are wonderful amongst perennials in your garden beds, in standalone features and in pots. You don’t need to be an experienced green thumb to have success growing LA and Asiatic Lilies, you just need to remember to water them as they grow and you will be richly rewarded.

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    LA Lilies Mixed

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    Double LA Lily Apricot Fudge

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  • Double Asiatic Lily Sundew

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  • LA Lilies Eyeliner

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  • LA Lilies Honesty

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  • LA Lilies Collection

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    Matisse Asiatic Lilium Black Charm

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  • LA Lilies Forza Red

    Luscious lilies.

  • Double Asiatic Lilium Double Sensation

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  • LA Lilies Nashville

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  • LA Lilies Stratosphere

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  • Asiatic Matisse Lilium Cogoleto

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  • Double Asiatic Lilium Canary Wharf

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    Asiatic Lilies Litouwen

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  • Matisse Asiatic Lilium Forever Susan

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  • Sumo Asiatic Lilium Collection

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  • Matisse Asiatic Lilium Mixed

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  • Sumo Asiatic Lilium Forza Red

    Extra large, extra red.

  • Matisse Asiatic Lilium Collection

    Summer show stealers.

  • Matisse Asiatic Lilium Rosella's Dream

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  • Matisse Asiatic Lilium Sweet Desire

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  • Double Asiatic Lilium Yellow Bellies

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  • Sumo Asiatic Lilium Eyeliner

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  • Matisse Asiatic Lilium Yellow Brush

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  • Sumo Asiatic Lilium Honesty

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  • Double Asiatic Lilium Collection

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