Crocus are invaluable early flowers to ring in the spring as these are some of the first blooms to open (or the last of winter depending on where you live). Once established these delicate beauties can produce up to four flowers from a bulb.

Dutch Crocus grow best in cool climates where they look best in rockeries, beds and pots. Plant in a sunny spot into well drained soil. They will tolerate light shade, such as under deciduous trees, especially in more temperate zones. The bulbs don’t need to be lifted every year so allow them to naturalise and only dig and divide after four or five years.

Saffron Crocus are famous for bearing the worlds most expensive spice. THe Saffron Crocus is also quite a charming flower. The colour of the three red styles contrasts beautifully with the lilac petals. The autumn blooms are around 5cm across. The flowers may only last for one to two days, but they can flower for up to a four week period with each corm producing up to five flowers.

  • Snow Crocus Prins Claus

    Princely blooms.

  • Snow Crocus Mixed

    Winter bloomers.

  • Species Crocus Firefly

    Winter wonders.

  • Species Crocus Barr`s Purple

    A superb choice.

  • Dutch Crocus Mixed

    Early blooms to welcome the spring.

  • Snow Crocus Gypsy Girl

    Bright and beautiful.

  • Snow Crocus Collection

    Short but oh so sweet.

  • Species Crocus Zwanenburg

    Exquisite, iridescent flowers.

  • Snow Crocus Blue Pearl

    A pearler.

  • Snow Crocus Romance

    Golden romance.

  • Snow Crocus Ard Schenk

    Snow white beauties.

  • Snow Crocus Cream Beauty

    What a beauty.

  • Dutch Crocus Mammoth

    Early gold.

  • Dutch Crocus Jean D'Arc

    Totally charming.