Ivy Geranium 'Great Balls of Fire' (reduced) Collection

Ivy Geranium 'Great Balls of Fire' (reduced) Collection

Fantastic in pots or hanging baskets.

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These Geraniums have been bred to take the heat! They are really easy to care for and quite tolerant of humidity and dry conditions too. You will have plenty of blooms almost year round with very little trouble.

Great Balls of Fire Geraniums are especially suited to pots/hanging baskets, though will grow in gardens in warmer climes, where there is no fear of frost.

We recommend you dead head spent flowers to promote more blooms. After planting, water them in, then Ivy Leaf Geraniums become dry tolerant once they have established.

For established plants in pots and hanging baskets, water then allow the soil to almost dry out before watering again. Ivy Leaf Geraniums grow best in a sunny spot, with at least four hours light a day.

Ivy Leaf Geraniums are great in combination pots – either with others of their type or mixed foliage plants.

Ivy Leaf Geranium Collection, includes one of each variety, separately labelled. Contains Great Balls of Fire Dark Red, Great Balls of Fire Blue, Great Balls of Fire White, Great Balls of Fire Burgundy Blaze, Great Balls of Fire Merlot Ivy, Great Balls of Fire Oh So Orange and Great Balls of Fire Hot Pink.

Ivy Leaf Geranium Collection Valued at $94.50, SAVE $5.00.

This collection has been reduced in range and price as Ivy Geranium 'Great Balls of Fire' Oh So Orange has sold out.
This collection has been reduced in range and price as Ivy Geranium 'Great Balls of Fire' Burgundy Blaze has sold out.

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Botantical name

Pelargonium zonale






Spring to Autumn


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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Water needs