Miniature Daffodils

These petite blooms may be small in size but they certainly create a big impact in the garden. Tough, hardy and easy to grow these daffodils add garden fun and always attract attention. Miniature Daffodils are ideal in patio pots or woven into the nooks and crannies of your garden.

  • Snowflake Gravetye Giant

    The biggest and best around.

  • Hoop Petticoat Daffodil Golden Dragon

    Cherished flowers.

  • Miniature Daffodils Tete a Tete

    Spring song.

  • Miniature Daffodils Collection

    Big on style.

  • Miniature Daffodil Minnow

    Short and sweet.

  • Miniature Daffodils Spring Sunshine

    Little rippers.