Welcome to a showy selection of the best of the best from the current season's range. These are the new, rare and hot to trot plants of the season.

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Peony Rose

Here are our limited release Peony Roses. The rare treats for the garden! Peony Roses make fabulous garden plants that will last for decades. Once they settle in and make themselves at home they will produce bountiful blooms for many weeks. The Peony Rose flowers are fantastic for picking and have a lovely perfume.

Calla Lilies

Plant a range of colourful Calla Lily blooms for a succession of fabulous flowers through summer. Great in the garden and great for picking! Calla Lilies grow everywhere from Queensland to Tasmania with a similar line along the West Coast. Plant them in full sun to semi shade and keep watered for best results.

Matisse Asiatic Liliums

Aquilegia Songbird Series

The Aquilegia Songbird Series are F1 hybrids with larger, upward facing flowers with long spurs and more compact foliage than the common forms. The blooms average 7-8cm across.

Tree Peony

Delphinium Sherwood Series

The Sherwood Series Delphiniums are stunning. The flowers open on lovely straight stems in summer and if treated well, again in autumn. The show lasts well and has a wonderful, romantic feel. The colours can be combined or singled out to create a delightful show. The crowns will last years and the flowers will set viable seed so Delphiniums are a great garden investment.


Agastache is a steadfast in our garden. We planted one variety ten years ago and our collection continues to grow. They are just so easy and offer so much reward. Agastache come in a great colour range. The blooms open above the foliage and sway beautifully in even the lightest breeze creating lovely movement in the garden.

Sonatini Hippeastrums

I’m not sure we can sing the praises of Sonatini Hippeastrums highly enough! They are one of the great bulbs that you can just plant and forget, similar to Nerines and Belladonna Lilies. Sonatini Hippeastrums will grow in cool climates with ease – there is no need to lift them every year, in fact, once planted you will have decades of reliable blooms.

  • Sonatini Hippeastrums Alaska

    Snow white flowers.

  • Sonatini Hippeastrums Pink Rascal

    A blushing beauty.

  • Sonatini Hippeastrums Collection

    Cold hardy with tropical style.

  • Sonatini Hippeastrums Viridi Rascal

    Tough and beautiful.

  • Sonatini Hippeastrums Mixed

    Mix it up.

  • Sonatini Hippeastrums Ballentino

    Flashy flowers.

  • Sonatini Hippeastrums Red Rascal

    Red hot blooms.

  • Sonatini Hippeastrums Swan Lake

    Graceful flowers.


Winter Rose

We love these plants for their easy going nature and exquisite flowers. Plant one, you are sure to be hooked!

Recent releases

  • Geranium Jolly Bee

    Flowers November to May!

  • Sumo Christmas Lily Beauty Queen

    A beauty.

  • Sumo Japanese Lily Scarlet Delight

    A delightful lily.

  • Agapanthus Indigo Dreams

    A new blue!

  • Fairies Fishing Rod Alba


    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


  • Red Currant

    Eat them fresh or cooked.

  • Black Currant

    Packed with vitamins.


Sumo Matisse Oriental Lilies

Cannova Canna Lilies

Fantastic next generation Canna Lilies! They offer even more flowers and boast the ability to thrive in both cool and tropical climates. Cannova Canna Lilies have an impressive floral show that lasts up to six months.

Tried and Tested

Hardy Shrubs

Mexican Sage



Bramble Berries

Lily love

  • Double Asiatic Lilies Yellow Bellies

    A 'brave' choice.

  • Lily Black Beauty

    A wow bloom.

  • Lily Lankon

    A very special lily.

  • Martagon Lily Album

    Pure elegance.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Double Oriental Liliums