( ) Voodoo Lily 'Konjac'

( ) Voodoo Lily 'Konjac'

Remarkable plants that has to be seen

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Flowers:Spring to Summer
Climate:Cool to Tropical
Aspect:Semi Shade to Full Shade
Supplied as:Bulbs
Water needs:2

Konjac rears out of the ground with a large spathe and even larger spadix. Common names for this natural oddity include Snake Palm, Devil’s Tongue and the Umbrella Arum. It is endemic to tropical Asia, though grows surprisingly well in cool climates (so long as it is protected from frosts).

The red-purple flower spathes of Amorphophallus ‘Konjac’ grows up to 40cm long. It has a deep maroon interior and a green exterior with decorative splotches of deep maroon to black. From the centre of the spathe protrudes a large, straight spadix which stretches up to 60cm.

The flowers are joined towards the end and more likely followed by large, tropical foliage. The leaves measure up to 1.3m across and grow to roughly 1m tall. The foliage is stand alone attractive, with the spotted stems and large, deep green leaves.

They are easily grown in pots and so can be protected from frost. Amorphophallus ‘Konjac’ succeeds in a well drained, moist, humus rich soil with filtered light. They should be kept moist during their growth season over summer and relatively dry once the foliage has died back.

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