Gladioli are amongst the most wonderful bulbs available for the summer garden - we find that you simply cannot surpass gladioli for towering elegance, colour and versatility.

Gladioli provide graceful spires which add vertical accents and colour highlights. The floret-filled spires of the Gladioli are like visual exclamation marks in the garden and provide relief from the surrounding lower-growing shrubs and perennials.

They are easy to grow and plant and like a sunny spot in the garden. Gladioli also make great cut flowers.

Show Stoper Gladioli

A show stopping collection! Gladioli can bring a wonderful dimension of height to your garden. They come in such a huge array of colours and styles there is sure to be something to suit everyone and every garden. So why not try some of these wonderful gladioli bulbs – they’re available from May until October.

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Dame Edna's Delights Gladioli

Delightful darlings! For strong, long lasting blooms plant Gladiolus in plenty of sun and keep them moist when they are in flower. We love the “time-ability” of Gladioli. By simply timing the planting date of your Gladioli, you can have these bulbs blooming in early summer, late summer or early autumn. It’s wonderful to be able to time their blooms to appear for special occasions or to coincide with the flowers of the plants around them. They take between 90-120 days to flower, so you can plant them in batches for an extended show. The shorter version of 90 days is for warmer climates or late season planting.