Diamond Award

The Tesselaar Diamond Award highlights plants of distinction.

All the plants we offer you are garden worthy, but for the prestigious Tesselaar Diamond Award, we select only those plants that stand out from the crowd. The best of the best.

Our criteria is based on their floriferous nature, their hardiness, their disease resistance, their ease of care, or their sparkle of exceptional beauty.

Diamond Award plants are exceptional, because like diamonds, gardens are forever.

  • Asiatic Lilium Black Charm

    Get in fast!

  • Christmas Lily Beauty Queen

    Queen of them all.

  • Sale-badge

    Chinese Ground Orchid Pink

    Easy orchids.

    SAVE UP TO $30.00
  • Christmas Lily White Dragon

    Sensational performers.

  • Double LA Lily Apricot Fudge

    A floral breakthrough.

  • Sale-badge

    Double Asiatic Lily Sundew

    Go for gold!

    SAVE UP TO $16.50
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    Rhubarb Ever Red

    One of the best.

    SAVE UP TO $20.00
  • Foxgloves Foxlight Ruby Glow

    A stand out perennial.

  • Sale-badge

    Astilbe Paul Gaarder

    Bright and beautiful.

    SAVE UP TO $13.50
  • Double Winter Rose Lola

    A winter show girl!

  • Coral Peony Rose Pink Hawaiian Coral


  • Double Winter Rose Dark Prince

    New in 2017.

  • Salvia Black and Bloom

    New in 2017.

  • Sale-badge

    Lily Kushi Maya

    Strong and sweet.

    SAVE UP TO $24.50
  • Peony Roses Duchesse de Nemour

    An award winner.

  • Fragrant Roses Ebb Tide

    An exceptional Floribunda.

  • Oriental Lilies Maldano

    Fabulous and fragrant.

  • Trumpet Lily Pink Perfection

    Fragrant pink trumpets.

  • Matisse Oriental Lilies Red Morning

    The colours of a beautiful sunrise.

  • Gladioli - Show Stoppers Krasnodar

    New in 2017.

  • Philadelphus Belle Etoile

    Simple and sweet.

  • Russian Sage Longin

    So hardy and so beautiful.

  • Sale-badge

    Astilbe Cattleya

    Orchid pink plumes.

    SAVE UP TO $13.50
  • Trumpet Lily Silk Road

    Enticing perfume.

  • Viola Halo Series Halo Sky Blue

    Long lasting.

  • Winter Rose Irish Luck

    Get lucky!

  • Viola Etain


  • Marguerite Daisies Bellavita Peach

    A new release for 2017.

  • Double Winter Rose Sheila Mary

    Glamorous green.

  • Sale-badge

    Fragrant Roses Earth Angel

    New in 2017.

    SAVE UP TO $30.00
  • Viburnum Onondaga

    Hard working, showy shrubs.

  • Sale-badge

    Tiger Lilies Pink Flavour

    Tough and bountiful.

    SAVE UP TO $13.50
  • Clematis Jackmanii Hybrids Charissima

    Charismatic clematis!

  • Sale-badge

    Tiger Lilies Pearl Jennifer

    Yellow polka dot lily.

    SAVE UP TO $13.50
  • Tiger Lilies Red Life

    Grrrrreat lilies.

  • Matisse Oriental Lilies Beverly Dreams

    The lily of your dreams!

  • Purple Top Verbena

    Tall and absolutely gorgeous.

  • Marguerite Daisies Beauty Yellow

    Tough and prolific.

  • LA Lilies Forza Red

    Luscious lilies.

  • Sale-badge

    Matisse Oriental Lilies Scarlet Delight

    A delight in summer.

    SAVE UP TO $25.50
  • Tiger Lilies Red Velvet

    Dramatically deep red.

  • Fragrant Roses Addictive Lure

    Alluring perfume.

  • Sale-badge

    Helychrysum Silver Star

    A star performer.

    SAVE UP TO $16.50
  • Parthenocissus Boston Ivy

    Undemanding beauties.

  • Gladioli - Show Stoppers Chemistry

    It's all about the chemistry.

  • Double Winter Rose Rumba Rose

    Ravishing rose petals.

  • LA Lilies Indian Summerset

    New in 2017.

  • Sale-badge

    Winter Rose Almost Midnight

    A touch of the dramatic.

    SAVE UP TO $16.00
  • Matisse Oriental Lilies Robert Swanson

    Strong and sweet.

  • Gladioli - Show Stoppers Eminence

    New in 2017.

  • Dowdeswell's Delphiniums Pagan Purples

    Vertical interest.

  • Oriental Lilies Zambesi

    New in 2017.

  • Peony Roses Monsieur Jules Elie

    Pure romance.

  • Marguerite Daisies Centenary Daisy

    Vigorous and compact.

  • Sale-badge

    LA Lilies Honesty

    A nice, open bloom.

    SAVE UP TO $40.00
  • Fragrant Roses Black Caviar

    A champion rose.

  • Sale-badge

    Matisse Oriental Lilies Mister Pistache

    A beauty.

    SAVE UP TO $25.50
  • Dowdeswell's Delphiniums Double Innocence

    Extraordinary elegance.

  • Oriental Lilies Tabledance

    Premium lilies.

  • Marguerite Daisies LaRita Banana Split

    Delicious, sweet flowers.

  • Lily Gold Class

    All class.

  • Sale-badge

    Fragrant Roses Summer Romance

    Award winning roses.

    SAVE UP TO $30.00
  • Sale-badge

    LA Lilies Cevennes

    Sunshine petals.

    SAVE UP TO $40.00
  • Fragrant Roses Dark Desire

    Deeply desirable.

  • Marguerite Daisies Reflection Pink

    Over six months of flowers.

  • Dianthus Jolt Series Jolt Pink

    Shocking pink flowers.

  • Oriental Lilies Robina

    Sumptuous colour.

  • Matisse Oriental Lilies Mister Cas

    Pendent perfection.

  • Winter Rose Goldmine

    Winter sunshine.

  • Clematis Jackmanii Hybrids Vancouver Starry Nights

    A vine of stars.

  • Dianthus Jolt Series Jolt Cherry

    Excellent heat tolerance.

  • Viola Halo Series Halo Violet

    Heat tolerant, low maintenance.

  • Garden Roses Kordes' Jubilee

    Heritage style with modern breeding.

  • Fragrant Roses First Crush

    Fall in love.

  • Viola Halo Series Halo Lilac

    Oversummers and overwinters with ease.

  • Garden Roses Wedding Bells

    Ding dong the bells are gonna chime.

  • Garden Roses Coconut Ice

    A bicolour beauty.

  • Salvia Lara

    Vigorous and long flowering.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff

    One of the best.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Dianthus Jolt Series Jolt Pink Magic

    Multi coloured magic.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Dowdeswell's Delphiniums Blue Lace

    Pure elegance.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Dowdeswell's Delphiniums Sweethearts

    Sweet as they come.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.