Trumpet Liliums

Trumpet Lilies are perfect for adding glamour and fragrance to your summer garden. The blooms hold up to the heat and are great for picking too. Their lovely, tall stems add a nice vertical accent to beds and borders. Trumpet Lilies will also grow well in containers. When choosing a pot, ensure it is nice and big so the lilies have plenty of room to grow.

  • Regal lily

    An exquisite lily.

  • Trumpet Lily African Queen

    You shall be queen.

  • Trumpet Lilies Golden Splendour

    Golden splendour.

  • Trumpet Lily Pink Perfection

    Award winning trumpets.

  • Trumpet Lilies Pink Planet

    New in 2019.

  • Trumpet Lilies White Planet

    New in 2019.

  • Trumpet Lilies Collection

    Sound the horn.