Foxglove Illumination Raspberry

Up to six months of flowers.

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Show stopping colour with impressive upright stems of bold blooms. Unlike most Foxgloves which come and go within six weeks, Foxglove 'Illumination Raspberry' can flower for up to an incredible six months and is multi branched so you get more flowers than ever. The petals are deep raspberry with a peach flush.

Foxglove 'Illumination Raspberry' is an innovative cross between common Digitalis purpurea, and a rare plant from the Canary Islands, Isoplexis canariensis, the cross has become known as Digiplexis. The resulting plant is strong growing plants with plenty of blooms. The plants are semi evergreen, rather than biennial so each will last for many years. The leaves and spikes are similar to the Digitalis, while the shape of the flowers and colours are closer to the Isoplexis. The cross also means stronger plants that are resistant to the rust and fungal spotting common with Digitalis.

Foxglove 'Illumination Raspberry' are large showy plants are a striking addition to any garden.

The flowers open from early summer to autumn. The base of the stems has evenly branched, dark green foliage. These Foxgloves are true perennials and will live for years in your garden. You should remove spent stems to encourage more blooms.

Foxgloves look best grouped toward the middle or back of a bed, where their tall towers of blossoms add beautiful colour and vertical interest.

Plant Foxgloves into well drained soil and keep moist in active growth. The individual flowers are about the size and shape of a thimble, or the 'finger' of a fox which is where their common name comes from. The blooms are suitable for cutting.

Also known as Digiplexis 'Illumination Raspberry'.



Botantical name

Digitalis purpurea x Isoplexis canariensis






Summer to Autumn


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide


Full Sun

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