Sedum Collection

Autumn show pieces.

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Mix and match your sedums for a gorgeous garden tapestry. They are also a fantastic in pots, where you can mix and match the colours however you choose.
The SunSparkler Sedums are lovely and compact with a range of gorgeous colours. They are early and long flowering with three months or more of blooms and are lovely and tough. They make ideal ground covers, potted plants, rockeries, edging plants or low growing fillers. With a little soil they will even grow in the cracks of a retaining wall.
Sedums are the ultimate plant for time poor gardeners that are looking for easy impact. They are hardy outside, and look good year round. The flowers are impressive and magnets for butterflies. Sedums begin to sparkle as the heat of summer subsides, their blooms unfurl and last many months.
Sedums store water in their leaves so are wonderfully dry tolerant, so perfect for a garden hot spot. They will even thrive in poor soils. They are evergreen but if they become leggy should be cut back in winter/early spring to allow the new spring foliage to shine through. In areas that get severe frosts they may experience damage, so protect them while young and hold back on cutting the damaged foliage until spring. Plant in a full sun to part shade position.
Sedums allow you to add some diversity to the foliage colours in your garden and they will gradually spread dutifully to whatever space you need filled.
Sedum Collection, one of each variety separately labelled. Includes SunSparkler Lime Zinger, SunSparkler Cherry Tart and Xenox.
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Sedum hybrids






Summer to Autumn


Cool to Sub-Tropical


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Full Sun to Semi Shade

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