Hippeastrum Collection No2

Summer extroverts.

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These versatile bulbs do well in gardens and pots, in fact, they are so easy they usually flower better with a bit of neglect!
Hippeastrums are extroverts; their large, eye catching flowers open on tall, straight stems and yell look at me! Up to four flowers open on each stem.

Hippeastrums are versatile and grow well in garden soils and in pots. In fact they are so easy to grow they are usually flower better with a bit of neglect!

In pots, they can be moved to centre stage when in bloom and hidden behind the shed in winter dormancy. Plant the bulb so the neck and shoulders are just above the soil surface.

Hippeastrums grow best in humus rich, moist, well drained soils. Though well drained is the most important factor. Hippeastrum grow Australia wide, they will go dormant in winter. In cool climates they should be protected from frosts.

It is a good idea to keep Hippeastrums protected from slugs and snails. Generally red varieties flower first and white last, with the rest of the spectrum in between.

Single Hippeastrum Collection, one of each variety separately labelled. Includes Apricot Parfait, Minerva, Rebecca and Royal Velvet.
Single Hippeastrum Collection Valued at $110.00, SAVE $15.00.



Botantical name

Hippeastrum x hybridum






Spring to Summer


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide


Full Sun to Semi Shade

Supplied as


Water needs