Astilbe Purple Candle

A humdinger.

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The impressive, tall, deep purple plumes stun from early summer. The flowers open on well branched, strong stems over a metre tall. This is the perfect plant to brighten a shady spot or moist area of the garden. Astilbe ‘Purple Candles’ is relatively dry tolerant, for an Astilbe.
The charming foliage of Astilbe ‘Purple Candle’ is dark green and deeply divided, so appears lovely and soft.
Left in the garden, Astilbe blooms will turn into bronze seed heads, these have autumn/winter ornamental value. You can also choose to pick the flowers as they last well in a vase.
Astilbe 'Purple Candle' grows best in part shade to morning sun positions. Astilbe will grow in full shade but won't flower as well as they could. In sunny positions you will need to ensure they have adequate moisture or they tend to become straggly.
Plant Astilbe into a humus rich, moist, well drained soil, an acid PH is preferred. Water in your Astilbe and keep moist in active growth, they are not dry tolerant and prefer the soil to be a little on the moist side – though this variety we have found more tolerant than most. Adding a little mulch in summer will help to retain moisture around the roots.
Astilbe pair well with plants like Hostas, Lobelias and Brunneras.
Our tip; if planting in pots ensure you keep the moisture up – Astilbe like to be moist and pots can dry out quickly.



Botantical name

Astilbe chinensis





Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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