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Begonia Megawatt Pink Bronze Leaf

Flowers from spring to autumn.

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Begonia Megawatt Pink Bronze Leaf is a mouthful to say to but a worthy plant to grow! The green and bronze leaves are perfectly punctuated with soft pink petals. Megawatt Begonias are easy care and weather resistant.
Megawatt Begonias are smothered with flowers from spring to autumn. What is more, they are heat tolerant and cope well with a bit of dry. The stems are strong and the foliage is dense and lush. They are fabulous shade plants, their blooms adding a pop of colour right where it is needed – they will bloom in as little as two or three hours of sun.
You can grow Megawatt Begonias in gardens, pots or hanging baskets. They make a great feature on a patios or front stoops - or even as indoor plants. In the garden try using them as edging plants along drives or at the front of beds.
In gardens they are half hardy so should be protected from frosts. Plant in humus rich, moist, well drained soil. Water in and keep moist during active growth for best flowering. Adding some fertiliser in summer will enhance bloom time.
In pots use a good quality potting mix. Add diluted liquid fertiliser late spring and summer.



Botantical name

Begonia hybrida





Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide


Semi Shade to Full Shade

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