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Gisele Phlox Gisele White

New in 2018.

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A great garden filler with big clusters of bright white blooms. Gisele Phlox are the latest and greatest plants with reliable rooting, good heat tolerance, and of course, plentiful beautiful, fragrant flowers. Blooms are produced continuously from spring, throughout summer. These bright annuals offer good value. The plants are well branched and grow to form a handsome mound.

Gisele Phlox is lovely and compact which makes it useful in both gardens and pots. They even look good in hanging baskets. The early, yet lasting blooms make them a good paring for spring flowering bulbs as they will form an under planting and keep on going, hiding the fading foliage of the bulbs. This Phlox is also brilliant in borders and beds, and rockeries. They look their best when planted en masse and you will have blooms from January to April, and the butterflies and bees love them.

Grow in humus rich, moist, well drained soil in a sunny spot. Fertilise in spring and summer to keep them blooming at their best. Water to establish, then keep moist in active growth. They may self seed for future generations. Remove spent flowers to promote more blooms.



Botantical name

Phlox paniculata






Late spring to summer


Cool to Temperate


Australia wide


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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Water needs