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Haworthia Maughanii

King of the Haworthias.

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Haworthia maughanii is in demand! The unusual form resembles living stones or Lithops more than the standard Haworthia. They are a wonderful novelty and so easy to care for. The hard leaves appear almost unreal and are sure to be a talking point. Get them while you can we say!

Up until the last few years collectors paid highly for these rarities, but recent advances in tissue culture as allowed the price to come down. They were expensive because they are slow growers, taking up to ten years to produce offsets, and many years to reach their zenith of 8cm across. They are slow because their harsh habitat doesn’t allow it so they evolved to take it easy.

They are an undemanding and visually pleasing evergreen. The small plant size makes them just right for pots, both indoors and out. They cope with very low levels of light. They have thick roots that can grow very deep in search of water.

Haworthia are rarely bothered by pests and require no fuss. Their swollen leaves are designed to store water, this enables them to withstands long, dry periods. The variation in forms and texture (which developed mostly to protect themselves from predators or hash conditions) is a gardener’s delight. The most important thing to remember with Haworthias is not to water them! Over watering, especially during dormancy will cause the plant to rot.



Botantical name

Haworthia truncata






Spring to Summer


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide


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