Vanda Orchid Kulwadee Fragrant

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NOTE: These orchids are supplied in 5cm pots. They are slow growing and, at this size, take up to three years to bloom.

Six or more sensational flowers open on 11cm upright stems. The petals are stunning with a cream and green background almost covered in deep maroon spotting.
In ideal conditions, you can expect numerous, abundant spikes in a year with colours so bright you may need shades! Vanda Orchids hail from S.E. Asia and are thus warm growing Orchids. The flowers are extremely showy and last well.

Vanda Orchids are of show winning quality. They are the subject of intensive breeding, that seeks out more vibrant colours and showier forms. They are well loved in Orchidist circles.

Vanda Orchids grow from a single stem (monopodial) and the roots stretch out from the base of this stem. These aerial roots that will roam free of the containers and can grow up to 2m long. Take care not to damage them.

The keys to success with Vanda Orchids are; warm temperatures, bright light good air flow and high humidity.

Grow Vanda Orchids in filtered light. In cool climates they should be grown in a hot house. They don't like the temperature to drop below 10C for too long and tend to become dormant. On the other end of the spectrum if it gets too hot for them (35C plus), the colour is not as vibrant. Allow good air flow between the plants and aim for a humidity of around 80%.

Because of their aerial roots and growing conditions, they need a lot of water. Water Vanda Orchids well throughout the growing season, allow them to become relatively dry over winter. The plants have a clever trick to let you know when to water; when they are white they are thirsty, when they are green, they have enough water. It is best to water the in the morning as they don't like it cold and wet.



Botantical name

Vanda x hybrida






Spring to Autumn


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide


Semi Shade to Full Shade

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