Cactus Cuttings Collection

Purpose built to survive harsh conditions.

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What could be more dry hardy and easier to care for than the Cactus? These plants are purpose built to survive hot, dry periods. Each exciting Cactus variety comes separately labelled and is from top breeders.

Cactus are great in the garden or in pots or really anything that holds soil … old boots, tool cases, old kitchen pots, containers etc.

Cactus are a top plant for all ages and a great way to encourage kids to garden. All you need to grow Cactus successfully is well drained soil, a sunny position and remember, while they are built to withstand the dry they do require the occasionally water.

In containers, water the soil (not the foliage) as it begins to dry out. This will be roughly once a week in the warmer months and once every 2-3 weeks in winter. In the ground, nature will take care of all the watering once they have established. In the ground ensure the soil is sharply drained or they tend to rot.

There is no denying Cactus are sun lovers, so if you are planting them straight into the garden full sun is ideal. However, if you are growing Cactus in pots, put them in morning sun or part shade. Do this because, in a full sun spot, their roots will become damaged from too much heat (in the ground they are better protected). Indoors, place your potted Cactus by a sunny window.



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