Viburnum Mariesii

‘Snow‘ covered spring branches.

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A beautiful deciduous shrub with a handsome, horizontal branch structure. One of the best Viburnums around. In spring the branches are laden with masses of flowers that look like a layer of snow, hence the common name of Snow Bush. The blooms open double file along the branches.

Viburnum 'Mariesii' flowers are around 10cm across. The blooms are a combination of large infertile flowers and small, fertile flowers in the middle. If the blooms are fertilized they will mature to ornamental rose red fruits that age to black (inedible – but the birds love them).

Viburnums are often unsung heroes of the garden, but once you see them in action, you just have to have one! There are a great variety to choose from, each with something special to offer.

Viburnums are vigorous shrubs that becomes dry tolerant once they establish. Viburnums offer year round interest with a different show for every season; spring and summer flowers and or berries, autumn foliage and winter branch structure. Adding shrubs such as these to your garden provides good structure or bones to the garden. Viburnums also make great specimen plants.

Viburnums will grow in average soils, but prefer the idealist, humus rich, moist. It does need to be well drained. Suitable for a part shade to full sun position. Prune out the odd vertical branch after the flowers gave finished.



Botantical name

Viburnum plicatum








Cool to Temperate


Australia wide


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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