Matisse Oriental Lilies Robert Swanson

Strong and sweet.

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The tall stems of Lily ‘Robert Swanson’ are lavished in wine red and white blooms. Each flower is 12cm across with deeply recurved petals. The nectaries are pale green and pronounced.

Dark green leaves grow alternately along the 1m stems. Flowers open from mid summer. Lily ‘Robert Swanson’ is great for good cut flowers. Up to 12 flowers open on a single stem.

These Lilies will knock your socks off! A modern twist on old world charm, these spotted beauties are a triumph of modern breeding techniques; marrying the handsome, old fashioned spotted Lilies with today’s bright colours and strong disease resistance.

Matisse was a pioneer in modern art. His work broke with convention and took colour to a whole new level. This 'avant-garde' Lilium collection named in his honour pays homage to his fondness for eccentric colour. The unusual combinations, spotting and patterns on these Lilies are striking. We hope they inspire you to create a masterpiece your garden.

Plant Matisse Oriental Lilies in a permanent position in the garden, as they establish they will become more floriferous.

It is a good idea to ensure you fertilise your Matisse Oriental Lilies well for the best blooms. Fertilise when you first see growth, then again as they are fading.

Matisse Oriental Lilies are versatile and can be grown in pots and gardens. They look best planted in groups of three or more. I suggest you plant a few extra just for picking!



Botantical name

Lilium hybrid








Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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