Massing Freesias Mixed

Massive impact guaranteed.

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Carefree colour. An unlabelled mixture of all the Freesia types and colours. Includes double and single blooms.

These blooming beauties will capture your heart and become a spring time favourite.

From planting Freesias average 90-120 days to flower – quicker in warm weather. They are South African bulbs and begin to grow with the warm, moist soils of autumn, enjoy a cool winter (when the buds are initiated) then a hot summer dormancy.

Freesias are easy to grow bulbs that are vigorous and hardy by nature. They grow best in full sun to light shade in a well drained soil. If they are not getting enough light they will flop over. Freesia bulbs are best left to naturalise and will only need to be lifted for division every three or four years. In cold climates they will need some protection from frosts – plant in pots or either morning shade or a layer of straw mulch will do.

Freesias are suitable for pots, mass plantings, beds and borders. It is always a good idea to plant them somewhere you can appreciate their delightful fragrance.

The blooms last up to three weeks in a vase and are best picked as the first flower opens. Yellow, blue and white are the longest lasting – but only by a day or two.

In pots use a good quality potting mix and add a bit of extra potash/tomato fertiliser. Ensure you keep the pots moist, especially once they begin to grow. Move the pot to a sunny spot and ensure you water – pots dry out easily and quickly.



Botantical name

Freesia x hybrid






Early to Mid Spring


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide


Full Sun to Semi Shade

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