Trailing Tuberous Begonias Orange

Brilliant colour.

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The bright orange flowers open in their masses.

Trailing Tuberous Begonia flowers open in abundance and they last for a commendable length of time. They spill and thrill from pots and baskets, thriving in a low light position.

Trailing Tuberous Begonias are also known as Tenella Begonias or Cascading Begonias and they are perfect for hanging baskets and pots, where they can be seen from all angles in their full glory.

The flowers of Trailing Tuberous Begonias open in small clusters with showy female flowers and smaller male blooms. Here’s a tip, if you pinch out the small male bloom behind the larger female flower, it will grow even larger and the show will last longer.

Grow Trailing Tuberous Begonias in pots and hanging baskets. Choose a good quality potting mix that is loam based. Water to establish and then keep moist in active growth. Allow them to become relatively dry over winter dormancy. They thrive in filtered light - such as beneath eaves or trees.

Add a liquid fertiliser every other week when they are flowering, to keep them blooming at their best.

Trailing Begonia tubers go dormant in the cold, winter months. Tuberous Begonias grow best in climates with cool nights. You can easily grow them in the mild areas of NSW, the Qld Tablelands or in Victoria, Tasmania and south of Perth in WA. They won't tolerate high humidity or direct sunlight.



Botantical name

Begonia x tuberhybrida






Late Spring to autumn


Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide


Filtered Light

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