Silver Sage Silver Sage

A dynamite foliage plant.

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The large leaves of Silver Sage are covered in the softest silver fuzz. They are so silken and lovely to touch, and would make very comfortable bedding for your garden fairies!

The leaves of Silver Sage grow to 20cm and form a neat rosette that adds colour, interest and texture to your garden. They are perfect for edging or planted towards the front of a garden bed, where they can be petted and appreciated!
Like most Salvias, Silver Sage is dry tolerant and easy to grow and care for. They will flower, in summer, with long, white, branching blooms. You might however choose to cut these off as they can exhaust the plant - Silver Sage is primarily grown for foliage. If you allow it to flower but be sure to remove the side shoots and replant them to establish the next generation and or collect the seed.
A sun loving dry tolerant plant, Silver Sage is easy care. The silver tones work with both warm and cool colours in the garden. A versatile plant that adds a nice texture to the garden.

Silver Sage is a dynamite foliage plant. The leaves are covered in lots of white hairs that make them look so soft, they are almost crying out to be touched!



Botantical name

Salvia argentea








Cool to Mediterranean


Australia wide


Full Sun

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