Tried and Tested Tulips

Tulipmania might have transpired nearly four hundred years ago but the spirit lives on in gardeners everywhere. This is a top selection that is well suited to the Australian environment. Tulips may have a reputation as ‘difficult customers’ but in most cases this is undeserved. When you buy a bulb the flower is already pre-formed, ready to bloom. All you need to do is plant it into well drained soil in a sunny spot, fertilise and water occasionally, then wait for the show.

  • Tulip Special Offer

    A blooming great deal for 2019.

  • Tulip Attila Graffiti

    Fantastic plum red blooms.

  • Tulip Negrita

    Tried and tested.

  • Tulip Apeldoorn

    A garden legend.

  • Tulip Strong Gold

    Glittering gold.

  • Tulip World's Favourite

    Luminous tulips.

  • Tulip Gerrit van der Valk

    Long blooming.

  • Tulip Orange Balloon

    New in 2019.

  • Tried and Tested Tulips Collection

    Spring legends.

  • Tulips Synaeda Show

    A classic beauty.

  • Tulip Judith Leyster

    Magical petals.

  • Tulip Belicia

    Be still my beating heart.

  • Tulip Leen van der Mark

    Intense colouring.

  • Tulip Candy Prince

    A prince among blooms.

  • Tulip Orange Princess

    A royal impression.

  • Tulip Mata Hari

    A femme fatale.

  • Tulip Spryng

    A garden great.

  • Tulip Bloody Mary

    Blood red stunners.

  • Tulip Black Jack

    Great for contrast.

  • Tulip Rambo

    A 'tough guy' in the tulip world.

  • Tulip Vedi Napoli

    New in 2019.

  • Tulip Synaeda Blue

    Pointed perfection.