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    Oriental Lilies Mixed

    Simple and fragrant.

    SAVE UP TO $35.00
  • Double LA Lily Apricot Fudge

    A floral breakthrough.

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    Christmas Lily Special Offer

    Classic lilies, amazing value.

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    Sonatini Hippeastrums Swan Lake

    Graceful flowers, great value.

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    Gladioli Mixed

    Fill your summer with surprise.

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  • Christmas Lily Beauty Queen

    Queen of them all.

  • Matisse Oriental Lilies Mixed

    A blend of colour and fragrance.

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    Foliage Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff

    One of the best.

    SAVE UP TO $17.50
  • Arum Lily Pink Mist

    Loved by gardeners and florists.

  • Matisse Asiatic Lilies Mixed

    Amazing colour.

  • Foxglove Illumination Raspberry

    Up to six months of flowers.

  • Dahlia Sweetheart

    A sweetheart of a bloom.

  • Salvia Vatican White

    Big impact from bud to bloom.

  • Hollyhock The Watchman

    Dense racemes.

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    LA and Asiatic Lilies Mixed

    Tesselaar's choice.

    SAVE UP TO $34.00
  • Coreopsis Rising Sun

    An award winning choice.

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    Sonatini Hippeastrums Pink Rascal

    A blushing beauty.

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  • Asiatic Lilium Black Charm

    Get in fast!

  • Double Hippeastrum Dancing Queen

    Frilly skirts and garden glamour.

    Only 1 remaining
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    Decorative Dahlia Mixed

    Summer stunners.

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  • Agastache Aztec Rose

    Blooming brilliant.

  • Cacti Dahlias Jacqueline

    New in 2017.

  • Lobelia Fan Scarlet

    We are big fans!

  • Dahlia Sultan

    Speckled beauties.