Peacock Plant

Peacock Plant

Showy foliage.

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A dwarf species that tops out at 45cm with handsome, red stems and green and silver foliage. The patterning is sensational with neatly arranged lines and splotches, just like a Kia Ora creation. Beneath the leaves are purple highlights to round out the show.
They can flower, but the blooms pale in comparison to the foliage. The small spikes have little white bracts. Outdoors grow in a sheltered, shady position that is frost free.
Commonly known as Peacock Plants or Prayer Plants. Is it speaking to me? Rolled in leaves mean they need more water. Brown edges, not enough humidity or, it is too dry. Pale, droopy leaves, too much water. Yellow leaves, this could be your tap water, use filtered water, or let your watering can stand overnight to allow the chlorine to evaporate.
SIZE (HxW): 30-45cm x 30-45cm
I SEE THE LIGHT: They grow best in a bright, indirect light – if you need a light to read by during the day in their position, it is too dark. If it is too bright, their leaves tend to curl and may scorch.
I NEED A DRINK: Water well in spring/summer and only weekly to every other week in winter – they don’t like to be cold and wet. Ideally use filtered water/rain water/distilled water/allow tap water to sit over night as they can be a bit sensitive to the chemicals in tap water.
Calathea will grow best with some humidity. If you live in a cold climate, your heating in winter might dry the plant out (leaf tips will turn brown or just drop off). You can provide some humidity for your beloved plant, by placing them over a plate with rocks and water, this will naturally form humidity around it. Or if you want to get very fancy and grow a few of these tropical treats, a humidifier is a good investment – they are also good for you. Another option is to grow them in a terrarium.
I WILL SURVIVE: Add a diluted liquid fertiliser every other watering over spring/summer, just follow the directions on the pack. Give the leaves a spruce up with a cloth if they become dusty. Snip out any spent or damaged leaves to keep your plant happy and healthy. You can just trim the damaged part too, then remove the leaf as the foliage bulks up. Gently clean the leaves with a soft cloth or tissue to keep them free of dust – this will keep them looking good and happy and healthy. Repot every couple of years to renew vigour in the plant.

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Botantical name

Calathea Maranta








Cool to Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness

Frost Tender


Filtered light

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7.5 cm

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