Perennials are those fabulous plants you see and just fall in love with. Perennials add colour, structure and form to your garden beds. They change with the seasons bringing changing beauty to your surrounds.

There are a range of perennials on offer from evergreen (year round interest), semi evergreen (will remain evergreen in warmer climates, though don’t grow much through winter) and herbaceous (have a rest period during the year, usually winter where they die down to just a crown in dormancy before remerging in spring). Each type has major advantages in your garden beds. They are easy to use and each comes with detailed, easy to apply growing instructions.

African Daisy

Vigorous, well branched cultivars, African Daisies grow to form rounded sub shrubs with flowers from spring to autumn. Their compact habit lends well in pots and sunny borders, providing a nice pop of reliable, easy colour where you need it.

  • African Daisy 'FlowerPower Spider Purple'

    Picture perfect.

  • African Daisy FlowerPower 'Spider Pink'

    Easy colour.

  • African Daisy 'Serenity Red'

    Simple and sensational.

  • African Daisies Collection

    Tough and free flowering.

  • African Daisy 'Blue Eyed Beauty'

    A knockout.

  • African Daisy 'Margarita Sunset'

    Chameleon blooms.

  • African Daisy 'Power Packed Blue'

    Power packed plants.



Heucheras and Tiarellas have been crossed to become better than the sum of their parts. You can enjoy these flamboyant, rust and heat resistant forms in shady borders, pots and hanging baskets.

The huge variety of foliage colours and forms allows you to have some fun in the garden, to brighten up the shady spots, add some contrast and experiment with colour.

  • Heuchera 'Binoche'

    New in 2022.

  • Heuchera 'Tiramisu'

    New in 2022.

  • Heuchera 'Peach Flambe'

    All about the foliage.

  • Heuchera 'Plum Royale'

    New in 2022.

  • Heuchera 'Plum Pudding'

    New in 2022.

  • Heuchera 'Northern Exposure Purple'

    New in 2022.

  • Heuchera 'Crazy Rasta'

    New in 2022.

  • Heuchera 'Northern Exposure Silver'

    New in 2022.

  • Heuchera (reduced) Collection

    Simple and colourful.

  • Heuchera 'Fire Chief'

    New in 2022.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Heuchera Collection

    Simple and colourful.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Green thumb or brown, Fuchsias will flower for you! Best grown in a filtered light position, where they will bloom for much of the year. The improved breeding on these plants mean they are even easier.

Fuchsias grow best in semi shade to filtered light conditions where they thrive in both pots and gardens.

  • Fuchsia Collection

    Perfect for baskets or pots.

  • Fuchsia Bella 'Blue Angel'

    Bright and beautiful.

  • Fuchsia Bella 'Rosella'

    Big, ruffled blooms.

  • Fuchsia 'Dark Eyes'

    The eyes have it.

  • Fuchsia 'Sir Matt Busby'

    Glory flowers.



These easy care, garden showpieces that don’t mind the dry and with a bit of extra care will flower twice in a season.

Verbascum are great plants for adding vertical interest to your garden. They are adaptable to a range of well drained soils and like a bright, sunny position.

  • Verbascum 'Flush of White'

    In demand.

  • Verbascum 'Rosetta'

    Heads above.

  • Verbascum 'White Blush'

    Can bloom twice in a season.

  • Verbascum Collection

    Towers of flowers.

  • Verbascum 'Violetta'

    Vivid violet spires.



Foxgloves are cottage garden stalwarts. They bloom magnificently late in the season, bringing height and colour to your beds. They look best grouped toward the middle or back of a bed, where their upright stems of blossoms add stunning colour.

  • Foxglove 'Carillon'

    Spires of elegance.

  • Foxglove Collection

    Handsome vertical accents.

  • Foxglove 'Dalmatian Purple'

    Sensational vertical interest.

  • Foxglove 'Dalmatian Peach'

    Graceful spires.

  • Foxglove 'Pam's Choice'

    Choice blooms.

  • Foxglove 'Dalmatian White'

    Invaluable in landscapes.



Delphiniums are real floral charmers. Fertilise them well and you will soon be inundated with flowers. Delphiniums have a special cottage charm that is hard to say no to.

The tall stems stretch elegantly over a mound of mid green foliage. They are even good for picking.

  • Candle Delphinium Collection

    Impressive spires.

  • Candle Delphinium 'Guardian Blue'

    Head turners.

  • Candle Delphinium 'Guardian Lavender'

    Heart melting beauty.

  • Candle Delphinium 'Guardian White'

    Garden sentinels.


Dwarf Lubega Dahlias

These little pocket rockets really pack a punch with up to five months of flowers. The vigorous, healthy growth is naturally well branched so doesn’t require pinching or staking. Great in patio pots or as pops of colour in the landscape.

  • Dwarf Dahlia Lubega 'XL Peach'

    New in 2022.

  • Dwarf Dahlia Lubega Power 'Tricolour'

    New in 2022.

  • Dwarf Dahlia Luebga Collection

    Power packed pocket rockets.

  • Dwarf Dahlia Lubega 'Special White Red'

    New in 2022.

  • Dwarf Dahlia Lubega 'Power Violet Bicolour'

    New in 2022.

  • Dwarf Dahlia Luebga 'XL Red'

    New in 2022.

  • Dwarf Dahlia Lubega 'XL Pink'

    New in 2022.

  • Dwarf Dahlia Lubega Power 'Rose Bicolour'

    New in 2022.



Aquilegias are totally charming. Their soft foliage and beguiling blooms lend perfectly to cottage garden styling. They will even grow in containers so you can move them where you need a pop of colour. Their delicate beauty belies their tough nature, Aquilegia are surprisingly easy care.

Aquilegia are the perfect complement to spring flowering bulbs. The soft, fern like foliage of Aquilegias grows into its full, fabulous self just as that of the spring flowering bulbs begins to fade.

  • Aquilegia Swan Series 'Colorado'

    A cottage sweetheart.

  • Aquilegia Swan Series Collection

    Very collectible.

  • Aquilegia Swan Series 'Louisiana'

    Free flowering.

  • Aquilegia Swan Series 'Georgia'

    Great garden performers.

  • Aquilegia Swan Series 'Montana'

    Flowers galore!

  • Aquilegia Swan Series 'Virginia'

    Floral abundance.



Volcano phlox are flowering machines! Their sweet smelling blooms begin at the height of summer and continue until frost. They are mildew resistant and prosper in sun or part shade.


Coreopsis have sunshine blooms that last and last. Their colour range has recently been expanded and the results are spectacular. Tolerant of heat and humidity, they thrive in a sunny spot. In addition to oodles of blooms they have nice, neat, mounds of foliage.

  • Coreopsis 'Highland Blast'

    Absolute abundance.

  • Coreopsis 'Highland Bicolour Pink'

    A flowertastic filler.

  • Coreopsis 'Heliot'

    A champion bloomer.



Dianthus are renowned for their extensive flowering season ease of care and durability. Plant Dianthus in beds, along pathways, underneath roses, in pots or rockeries. Dianthus has a lovely cottage feel. The mounding foliage is tidy and forms dense, green clumps.

These Dianthus offer incredible value, flowering for many months.

  • Dianthus Jolt Series Collection

    The best of breeding.

  • Dianthus Jolt 'Pink Magic'

    Multicoloured flower heads.

  • Dianthus Jolt 'Cherry'

    Excellent heat tolerance.

  • Dianthus Jolt 'Purple'

    New in 2022.

  • Dianthus Jolt 'Pink'

    Incredibly long blooming.


Marguerite Daisies

By planting just a few of these vigorous, robust plants in gardens or containers, you will have an almost constant supply of beautiful flowers that easily last a week or two in a vase.

The compact, well branched plants are a joy to grow and don’t require much in the way of care.

  • Marguerite Daisy Aramis 'Rose'

    New in 2022.

  • Marguerite Daisy Go Daisy 'Mega White'

    New in 2022.

  • Marguerite Daisies Collection

    Naturally sensational.

  • Marguerite Daisy Aramis 'Wine Red'

    New in 2022.

  • Marguerite Daisy Aramis 'Yellow'

    New in 2022.

  • Marguerite Daisy Aramis 'Semi Double Dark Pink'

    New in 2022.


Other perennials

Adding perennials to your garden enables you to create stunning shows throughout the year. The infinite variety of colours, shapes, sizes and texture are what makes a good garden great.

  • Lily of the Valley Alba

    Fragrant favourites.

  • Chinese Ground Orchid Pink

    Easy orchids.

  • Ceanothus 'Pacific Wave'

    New in 2022.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • Hollyhock 'The Watchman'

    Garden legends.

  • Camellia 'Volunteer'

    Wonderful winter bloomers.

  • Corydalis 'Porcelain Blue'

    Ethereal beauty.

  • Salvia 'Oceana Blue'

    Hey true blue.

  • Catmint 'Six Hills Giant'

    One of the best.

  • Bidens Namid 'Compact Yellow'

    Colourful and long lasting.

  • Ajuga 'Burgundy Glow'

    New in 2022.

  • Alternanthera 'Little Ruby'

    New in 2022.

  • Luculia 'Early Dawn'

    New in 2022.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.