Perennials are those fabulous plants you see and just fall in love with. Perennials add colour, structure and form to your garden beds.

There are a range of perennials on offer from evergreen (year round interest), semi evergreen (will remain evergreen in warmer climates, though don’t grow much through winter) and herbaceous (have a rest period during the year, usually winter where they die down to just a crown in dormancy before remerging in spring). Each type has major advantages in your garden beds. They are easy to use and each comes with detailed, easy to apply growing instructions.

Aquilegia Grannys Bonnets

Aquilegia, Granny’s Bonnets, Columbines or whatever you want to call them are cottage garden champions! They bring bouquets of beautiful blooms to the garden without breaking a sweat!

In addition to flowers they also offer soft, fern like foliage which is a beautiful feature in itself. The flowers open at the perfect time to bridge the gap between the spring and summer seasons. For these reasons they are excellent companion plants for spring flowering bulbs – as they begin to fade the Granny’s Bonnets come into their own.

Calla Lilies

Plant a range of colourful Calla Lily blooms for a succession of fabulous flowers through summer. Great in the garden and great for picking! Calla Lilies grow everywhere from Queensland to Tasmania with a similar line along the West Coast. Plant them in full sun to semi shade and keep watered for best results.


Dierama are top evergreen perennials that grow to form neat clumps of arching, grass like foliage. They will settle in after a season and soon be blooming through summer. The stems of pendent bells are gently arched and sway in the slightest breeze, creating movement and beauty from every angle.

Meadow Anemone

You just can’t help falling in love with some plants and Meadow Anemones are amongst those special few. They have wonderful, soft, deeply divided foliage that is so soft it rivals a teddy bear for cuddle factor. The blooms are saturated in colour and are similarly fuzzy which seems to magnify the colour. Up to 12 flowers open on Meadow Anemones at any one time and the show doesn’t stop there – after the petals fall the gorgeous seed heads remain.

Dwarf Alstroemeria

Fabulous, long flowering, compact plants that thrive in gardens of pots. They are low maintenance and rewarding.

Dwarf Peruvian Lilies, also known as Inca Peruvian Lilies or Dwarf Alstroemerias are valuable garden plants for many reasons; they have a long flowering period, last well when picked, are easily cared for and become dry tolerant once established. That ticks a lot of boxes!

Dwarf Hollyhocks

Tall spires with old word charm. Grow your Hollyhock in well drained soil in a sunny position. These cultivars have good rust resistence and if spent flowers are removed, will repeat flower.


These flashy flowers bloom all summer long, toughing out hot, dry conditions with ease. The bicolour blooms are prolific and eye catching. Perennial Purslanes are tolerant of poor soils and don’t need a lot of fuss.


Sunpatiens grow well in sun to part shade positions. The well branched plants are absolutely covered in flowers almost year round. They will grow in a large range of climates. Sunpatients are low maintenance and rewarding to grow.


Grasses are versatile and easy care plants that dazzle in a range of garden positions. Grasses can be included in cottage settings, xeriscapes, edging, hedging, mass plantings, pots and more. They compliment perennials beautifully, their feathery plumes lasting for many months.

Cannova Lilies

Fantastic next generation Canna Lilies! They offer even more flowers and boast the ability to thrive in both cool and tropical climates. Cannova Canna Lilies have an impressive floral show that lasts up to six months.

Sun Coleus

With their wide colour range and ease of care, it is hard not to love Sun Coleus! As their name suggests, they are not just the shade plant they once were, they have been selectively bred to thrive in both sun and shade. The leaf colour is a year round garden feature. They are wonderful in combination - in gardens or pots.


Standing tall through the hot, dry months of summer, Summer Snapdragons are an annual sure to impress. The fantastic, upright floral spires work well in gardens and pots.

Autumn flowering bulbs

When you plant autumn and winter flowering bulbs, it is like planting a little magic in your garden. Once planted they will hide away for a month or two before emerging, when you least expect and most want colour.

Autumn bulbs are ideal for beginners as they don’t need a lot of care and will come back year after year.

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With year round blooms and verdant foliage, Violas are much loved. These dependable garden or pot plants are easily grown and don’t need much fuss. Viola flowers have a lovely soft fragrance and are easy to pick. The new Viola varieties are hardier and flower longer with bigger blooms.

Canna Lily

Japanese Iris

The sublime elegance of Japanese Iris brings an almost magical tranquillity to the garden. The colour combinations are definitely exotic and create a magnificent display.

Traditionally they were grown on the margins of reflecting pools so that their beauty was amplified. In more rural areas, they were grown on the sides of the rice paddies which were flooded for part of the year. It's this pattern of moisture during the growing period and relative dryness during the dormancy which provides the ideal growing conditions for these magnificent Iris. However, they are versatile and can easily be grown in almost any garden setting, provided you water them regularly, feed them generously and plant them in full sun.


Oenothera are commonly known as Evening Primrose, though these varieties flower during the daylight hours. They don’t need a lot of care and will thrive even in moderately fertile soils. The flowers don’t last long but they open in succession for many weeks and there are plenty of them.


Sedums are one of those wonderful plants that you can plant once and enjoy for years, one and done as they say. Sedums are versatile, dry tolerant, low maintenance plants. They look fabulous as ground covers, for garden edging, low growing fillers, as part of your beds or in containers. Try a variety planted together in a pot for a spiller, thriller combination.

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Achillea are great garden plants. They produce plenty of flowers and don’t need a lot of fuss. They cope well in poor soils and are quite dry tolerant. The flowers even last well in a vase which adds to their value.


Rudbeckia offer tremendous garden value. Their commanding size and flowering prowess is admired by gardeners around the world. Their variety is stunning and their seed heads last into the winter.

Arum Lilies

Arum Lilies are wonderful garden plants. They thrive in a range of garden soils as well as by ponds. They produce a multitude of blooms which are fabulous for picking too. The lush foliage lends well to both tropical and modern styles and isn’t out of place in a cottage garden.


Climbers are such versatile garden plants. They don’t take up a lot of space on the ground, yet their effects can reach 10m or more in a dazzling display. Most are quick to establish and don’t even require pruning.

Climbers are an easy choice to cover a garden wall, trellis or fence. You can even use them through trees and shrubs to add interest through the seasons.

Aquilegia Clementine

Aquilegias are totally charming. Their soft foliage and beguiling blooms lend perfectly to cottage garden styling. They will even grow in containers so you can move them where you need a pop of colour. Their delicate beauty belies their tough nature, Aquilegia are surprisingly easy care.

Aquilegia are the perfect complement to spring flowering bulbs. The soft, fern like foliage of Aquilegias grows into its full, fabulous self just as that of the spring flowering bulbs begins to fade.



The big flowers are saturated in colour and can bloom all year round. The stems are semi trailing and spill beautifully from pots or hanging baskets



The butterflies, birds and bees love these flowers almost as much as gardeners do! Balmy Series Monarda are pocket rockets! These compact plants really pack a punch with their brightly coloured shaggy blooms.

Perennial Purslanes


Volcano phlox are flowering machines! Their sweet smelling blooms begin at the height of summer and continue until frost. They are mildew resistant and prosper in sun or part shade.

Summer Snapdragons

Summer Snapdragons provide continuous flowers throughout the heat of summer. The floral spires are lovely and bright and mix and match well. The plants have a well branched, uniform habit.


The big, colourful flowers mass on the strong, upright stems for many months. They take the heat and their compact nature works well in containers or gardens. Having upright stems of colour adds a lovely dimension to garden design.

Clematis Jackmanii Hybrids

Jackmanii Clematis will bring a dazzling display to your garden. You can use them to make a statement in beds or pots. These easy care climbers grow best with their roots in the shade and their 'heads' in the sun. If you are nervous to grow Clematis for the first time, don’t be. They come with simple to follow instructions, and they grow well wherever roses do.

Aquilegia Swan Series

Aquilegia Swan Series have been selectively bred for larger, more prolific flowers. The flowers are made even more special as they are upward to outward facing, unlike many Aquilegia that hang shyly hang their heads. Swan Series Aquilegia will flower well with out the need for really cold weather, so they can be grown in warmer climes where others would fail.

Perennial Foxgloves

Crown of Thorn


Aquilegias are totally charming. Their soft foliage and beguiling blooms lend perfectly to cottage garden styling. They will even grow in containers so you can move them where you need a pop of colour. Their delicate beauty belies their tough nature, Aquilegia are surprisingly easy care.

Aquilegia are the perfect complement to spring flowering bulbs. The soft, fern like foliage of Aquilegias grows into its full, fabulous self just as that of the spring flowering bulbs begins to fade.



SuperCal Petchoas are a cross between Petunias and Calibrachoas. The plants combine the best of both worlds, using the garden toughness of Petunias and the flower power and colours of Calibrachoa. SuperCal Petchoas are fabulous in all kinds of weather, and climates and offer terrific value.


Dalaya Dahlia

In pots or gardens, these bright, bicolour blooms make a great centrepiece. They flower forever, are well branched and have great mildew resistance.

Kirigami Aquilegia

An improved form of the legendary Origami Aquilegia, this is the next generation of breeding. The flowers are bigger, begin earlier and last longer. The colourful flowers can even be picked and bought indoors. The foliage is lush and compact and a feature in itself.


Epimediums are surprisingly easy to grow and will thrive in hard to fill shady spots. They are a rare find in Australian gardens, and we think that is a bit of a shame because they are so easy and so pretty. A rare get, you should grab them while you can.

If you take the time to cut Epimediums back in late winter, the new growth will shine through in spring. This is where the foliage comes to the fore, with fabulous marbling and streaking.

Sonatini Hippeastrum

I’m not sure we can sing the praises of Sonatini Hippeastrums highly enough! They are one of the great bulbs that you can just plant and forget, similar to Nerines and Belladonna Lilies. Sonatini Hippeastrums will grow in cool climates with ease – there is no need to lift them every year, in fact, once planted you will have decades of reliable blooms.


Dianthus are renowned for their extensive flowering season ease of care and durability. Plant Dianthus Jolt Series in beds, along pathways, underneath roses, in pots or rockeries. Dianthus has a lovely cottage feel. The mounding foliage is tidy and forms dense, green clumps.

These Dianthus offer incredible value, flowering for many months.


Astilbe are magnificent plants for shady border where their lacy foliage and upright plumes put on a fabulous show. They are versatile however, and if you have an area that gets good moisture you can grow Astilbe in full sun.

One of the best ways to use Astilbe is grouped together, their diverse sizes and colours will create a memorable and lasting show.


These easy care, garden showpieces don’t mind the dry and with a bit of extra care will flower twice in a season. Verbascum are great plants for adding vertical interest to your garden. Verbascum are commonly known as Mullein. They are adaptable to a range of well drained soils and like a sunny position.



The rambling tendrils of these large flowering Clematis will happily wind their way through shrubs, trees, trellises, fences, pergolas and more. They are low maintenance and will flower through spring and autumn.

Jackmanii Clematis will bring a dazzling display to your garden. You can use them to make a statement in beds or pots. These easy care climbers grow best with their roots in the shade and their 'heads' in the sun.



Hellebore Winter Roses

In the midst of winter, the timeless beauty of the Hellebore or Winter Rose comes into its own. With the gorgeous flowers in an amazing array of colours from opalescent white to rich burgundy, they are sure to brighten the dull days of winter.

These Winter Roses hold their flowers for many weeks, and with their lush foliage they make a winning combination in any shady spot. Plant your Hellebore Winter Roses beneath deciduous trees for a picture-perfect effect.

Tuberous Begonias

Tuberous Begonias come in a dazzling array of colours. The flowers are real attention getters. The blooms are large and semi double to fully double. The petals are soft and seem to glitter in the sunlight. Blooms are up to 10cm across.

Tuberous Begonias have a reputation of being difficult. But once you learn a few tricks of the trade so to speak they are rewarding and not at all challenging to grow.


Coreopsis have sunshine blooms that last and last. Their colour range has recently been expanded and the results are spectacular. Tolerant of heat and humidity, they thrive in a sunny spot. In addition to oodles of blooms they have nice, neat, mounds of foliage.

African Daisies

These vigorous, well branched cultivars of African Daisies grow to form a rounded sub shrub with flowers from spring to autumn. Their compact habit lends well in pots and sunny borders, providing a nice pop of reliable colour where you need it.

African Daisies have been around the traps for time eternal, but the older varieties have been far surpassed by these new varieties. They have been bred for more flowers and vigour and they don’t disappoint. They are perfect for filling sunny spots.

Aquilegia Barlow Series

A wonderful choice for mixed potted plantings, these legendary, spurless Aquilegia have been impressing gardeners for centuries. Their enduring status in gardens worldwide is a testament to their ease of care and long bloom show.


Hollyhock have rounded, lobed leaves that grow all along the strong stems. Hollyhock are long blooming biennial plants that will set seed for future generations (non invasive).


Foxgloves are cottage garden stalwarts. They bloom magnificently late in the season, bringing height and colour to your beds. Foxgloves, or Digitalis look best grouped toward the middle or back of a bed, where their upright stems of blossoms add stunning colour.

Perennial Petunias

Perennial Petunias are perfect for adding a bright pop of colour to gardens, pots and hanging baskets. These new varieties have been carefully selected for their mounding habit and flowering prowess.

Perennial Petunias can be easily used as colourful garden fillers and don’t need a lot of care and will last a few years.

Highlander Delphinium Series

Highlander Delphiniums are the result of some great new breeding. They have gorgeous, ruffled flowers in amazing colours and will bloom for up to five weeks, and then return for an encore in autumn.

Dowdeswell Delphinium Series

Dowdeswell Delphiniums are some of the best around. Bred in New Zealand, they are floriferous, have beautiful colour and form and are lovely and hardy. The tall stems have good strength and make great cut flowers. In short, they will knock your socks off!