Adding perennials to your garden enables you to create stunning shows throughout the seasons. There is an almost endless supply of form, and colour to choose from, and one for almost every situation.

It is beat to plant your perennials in autumn and spring to give them time to settle in to the garden before the extremes of summer and winter. Water them in well, and keep the water up to them until they establish. As they settle in, they will become less needy and you can just relax and enjoy them.

Clematis Jackmanii Hybrids

Jackmanii Clematis will bring a dazzling display to your garden. You can use them to make a statement in beds or pots. These easy care climbers grow best with their roots in the shade and their 'heads' in the sun. If you are nervous to grow Clematis for the first time, don’t be. They come with simple to follow instructions, and they grow well wherever roses do.

Delphinium Highlander Series

Highlander Delphiniums are the result of some great new breeding from Scotland. They have gorgeous, ruffled flowers in amazing colours and will bloom for up to five weeks. Even then coming back for an encore in autumn.

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The big, colourful flowers mass on the strong, upright stems for many months. They take the heat and their compact nature works well in containers or gardens. Having upright stems of colour adds a lovely dimension to garden design.

Marguerite Daisies

Marguerite Daisies are garden classics. They flower and flower and flower and flower and flower! In fact they are in flower nearly all year, especially in warmer climes. They are useful for adding low maintenance colour in sunny spots.

Marguerite Daisies form neat mounds of fine, evergreen foliage. The main flush of flowers is spring and summer with spot flowering the rest of the year. The blooms are perfect for picking and will easily last a week or two in a vase.

African Daisies

These vigorous, well branched cultivars of African Daisies grow to form a rounded sub shrub with flowers from spring to autumn. Their compact habit lends well in pots and sunny borders, providing a nice pop of reliable colour where you need it.

African Daisies have been around the traps for time eternal, but the older varieties have been far surpassed by these new varieties. They have been bred for more flowers and vigour and they don’t disappoint. They are perfect for filling sunny spots.


Astilbe are magnificent plants for shady border where their lacy foliage and upright plumes put on a fabulous show. They are versatile however, and if you have an area that gets good moisture you can grow Astilbe in full sun.

One of the best ways to use Astilbe is grouped together, their diverse sizes and colours will create a memorable and lasting show.

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    Astilbe Mixed

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    Astilbe Peach Blossom

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  • Astilbe Europa

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    Astilbe Erica

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    Astilbe Cattleya

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Hellebore Winter Roses

In the midst of winter, the timeless beauty of the Hellebore or Winter Rose comes into its own. With the gorgeous flowers in an amazing array of colours from opalescent white to rich burgundy, they are sure to brighten the dull days of winter.

These Winter Roses hold their flowers for many weeks, and with their lush foliage they make a winning combination in any shady spot. Plant your Hellebore Winter Roses beneath deciduous trees for a picture-perfect effect.


These easy care, garden showpieces don’t mind the dry and with a bit of extra care will flower twice in a season. Verbascum are great plants for adding vertical interest to your garden. Verbascum are commonly known as Mullein. They are adaptable to a range of well drained soils and like a sunny position.

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Dianthus are renowned for their extensive flowering season ease of care and durability. Plant Dianthus Jolt Series in beds, along pathways, underneath roses, in pots or rockeries. Dianthus has a lovely cottage feel. The mounding foliage is tidy and forms dense, green clumps.

These Dianthus offer incredible value, flowering for many months.


Fuchsias are like pretty dancers in fancy skirts that sway in the breeze. The flowers open freely for a long period over the lush green leaves. They are fantastic potted or garden plants. These varieties are some of the best.


Aquilegias are totally charming. Their soft foliage and beguiling blooms lend perfectly to cottage garden styling. They will even grow in containers so you can move them where you need a pop of colour. Their delicate beauty belies their tough nature, Aquilegia are surprisingly easy care.

Aquilegia are the perfect complement to spring flowering bulbs. The soft, fern like foliage of Aquilegias grows into its full, fabulous self just as that of the spring flowering bulbs begins to fade.


These delicious new Nemesia have profuse blooms in bright, bicolour shades and a delightful vanilla perfume. They are nice and compact, so look good in pots or at the front of a border and will flower nonstop for most of the year.


Foxgloves are cottage garden stalwarts. They bloom magnificently late in the season, bringing height and colour to your beds. Foxgloves, or Digitalis look best grouped toward the middle or back of a bed, where their upright stems of blossoms add stunning colour.

Other perennials

Adding perennials to your garden enables you to create stunning shows throughout the year. The infinite variety of colours, shapes, sizes and textures are what makes a good garden great.