Gladioli are amongst the most wonderful bulbs available for the summer garden. We find that you simply cannot surpass gladioli for towering elegance, colour and versatility.

Gladioli provide graceful spires which add vertical accents and colour highlights. The floret-filled spires of the Gladioli are like visual exclamation marks in the garden and provide relief from the surrounding, lower-growing shrubs and perennials.

They are easy to grow and plant and like a sunny spot in the garden. Gladioli even make great cut flowers.

  • Gladioli Mixed

    Fill your summer with surprise.

  • Gladioli Passos

    New in 2019.

  • Gladioli Zorro

    Rich, claret florets.

  • Gladioli - Dame Edna's Delights Collection

    Delightful colour.

  • Gladioli Chemistry

    It's all about the chemistry.

  • Gladioli Chit Chat

    New in 2019.

  • Gladioli Jester

    New in 2019.

  • Gladioli Live Oak

    New in 2019.

  • Gladioli Ocilla

    Long vase life.

  • Gladioli Partituur


  • Gladioli Chocolate

    New in 2019.

  • Gladioli Show Stoppers Collection

    Summer show stoppers.

  • Gladioli Priscilla

    Summer stunners.

  • Gladioli Zamora

    Colourful petals.

  • Gladioli Vista

    Summer sensations.

  • Gladioli Green Star

    Go green!

  • Gladioli Cantate

    Pretty in pink.