Liliums are fabulous and simple garden plants. The bright blooms come in a wide variety of colours, fragrance and sizes. They shine on through summer in garden beds or pots. The tall, straight stems are good for picking too!

Lily bulbs are easy to plant and maintain. They grow well in full sun to part shade and they can be left in the ground for years, where they will steadily multiply. Keep them moist in growth, add a little fertiliser and you will rewarded handsomely.

Oriental Lilies

The ostentatious flowers of Oriental Lilies command attention! The large blooms have bold, open petals in a large range of colours, and all with a fabulous fragrance.

The perfume is wonderful, and it adds a touch of the exotic as you stroll through the garden, and cut for a vase will perfume your home.
Oriental Lilies are easy to grow and care for. Plant in a full sun to part shade position in the garden, keep moist and add some fertiliser in spring. Oriental Lilies are quite heat tolerant so perfect for a summer show.

  • Oriental Lilies Mixed

    Simple and sweet.

  • Lilium Curly Sue

    A blushing beauty.

  • Oriental Lilies Rio Negro

    Opulent colour and perfume.

  • Oriental Lilies Marlon

    Big and fragrant.

  • Oriental Lilium Bacardi

    Pretty and perfumed.

  • Oriental Lilies Premium Blonde

    Premium blooms.

  • Oriental Lilies Saltarello

    Cool caramel blooms.

  • Oriental Lilies Collection No2

    A rainbow of fragrance.

  • Oriental Lilies Collection No1

    Flashy and fragrant.

  • Oriental Lilies Pink Palace

    New in 2020.

  • Oriental Lilies Zambesi

    Great staying power.

  • Oriental Lilies Sorbonne

    Perfectly perfumed.

  • Oriental Lilies Donato

    Shapely and charming.


LA Lilies

LA and Asiatic Lilies have wonderfully bright blooms. You can plant a variety to spice up your summer garden. The blooms have little to no fragrance and make top cut flowers.

LA and Asiatic Lilies are wonderful amongst perennials in your garden beds, in standalone features and in pots. You don’t need to be an experienced green thumb to have success growing LA and Asiatic Lilies you just need to remember to water them as they grow and you will be richly rewarded.

  • LA Lilies Mixed

    Tesselaar's choice.

  • LA Lilies Eyeliner

    Eye catching.

  • LA Lilies Nashville

    Summer sunshine.

  • LA Lilies Collection

    A vibrant collection.

  • LA Lilies Honesty

    Clear colour.

  • LA Lilies Forza Red

    Luscious lilies.

  • LA Lilies Stratosphere

    Out of this world.


Matisse Oriental Liliums

These vanguard Lilies make great conversation pieces in the garden! Their perfume is divine and the vibrant petals have splashes and splotches all over creating contrast and texture across the blooms. Wherever you plant them they are sure to turn heads!

Matisse Lilies are named for the artist who wrote himself into history by breaking the ‘laws’ of colour to create masterpieces. You can add them to your beds and borders for a little daring in your summer show.

  • Lilium Anastasia

    Up to 25 blooms.

  • Lilium Lady Alice

    Style and grace.

  • Matisse Oriental Lilies Mixed

    A standout blend of colour and fragrance.

  • Lilium Silk Road

    Enticing petals and perfume.

  • Lilium Eastern Moon

    New in 2020.

  • Lilium African Lady

    Big and bold.

  • Lilium Beverly Dreams

    The stuff of dreams.

  • Matisse Oriental Lilium Collection

    Can't decide?


Gleaming Jewels

Lilies are perfect for adding glamour and fragrance to your summer garden. The blooms hold up to the heat and are great for picking too. Their lovely tall stems add a nice vertical accent to beds and borders. The huge assortment of lilies on offer gives you plenty to play with. Making your choice harder, each of these beauties is a statement piece, great for picking, has a sweet aroma and excellent vigour.

  • Regal lily

    An exquisite choice.

  • Regal Lily Album

    A big impact lily.

  • Lilium Scheherazade

    A garden princess.

  • Lilium Black Beauty

    The wow factor.

  • Lily Kushi Maya

    Strong and sweet.

  • Japanese Lily Scarlet Delight

    An easy choice.