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Tulip bulbs

Tulips bulbs are all about colour – the bulb has been hybridised into a myriad of brilliant, bold hues that can be woven into any garden with great effect – have fun choosing from our vast tulip bulb range. >> Click here to see all of the Tesselaar Tulips The tulip bulb’s spectacular spring show has […]


Discover why tens of thousands of customers choose Tesselaar for their Bulbs Here at Tesselaar we have are unashamedly in love with bulbs! We have been growing them for three generations and still can’t get enough of them! It is just so good to be able to share this love with you. Bulbs are like […]

Spring flowering bulbs are easy to grow and most bulbs have similar requirements so that once you understand the basics you can grow almost any bulbs with ease. Read on to find out how best to plant and grow your Spring Flowering Bulbs. When to plant bulbs For best results, the best time to plant […]

Once you know the secrets to bulb growing success you`ll know that bulbs are really quite simple. In fact, most of the bulb growing secrets are logical because in many ways they are like humans in that they want food, sunlight and room to grow. They’re also like us in that they don’t like to sit in […]

Fertiliser Blog

Giving your plants a balanced diet will keep them happy and healthy. Adding fertiliser to the soil helps to provide the building blocks plants need for life. In a garden plants are in a situation where they are competing for nutrients. When plants receive all the nutrition they need they have lovely lush growth, plenty […]

Flowering bulbs are brilliant! These ‘buried treasures’ create lasting shows of brilliant colour. Adding a range to your garden beds can bring an easy succession of colour year round. One of the great joys of being a gardener is that you constantly discovering and trying new things all the time. Bulbs allow you to do […]

Watering your garden is an important job. Plants need water in order survive and thrive. Ideally you want to have happy and healthy plants using the least amount of water to help save on your water bill and conserve the precious resource. Here are some ideas on best practice to water effectively. THE BEST TIME […]

Dividing perennials is a quick and easy task that will keep your plants happy and healthy, with the added benefit of increasing your plant stocks for the garden, or to share with family and friends. Perennials that can be divided are those that produce new shoots from the crown each year. All you need to […]

One of the most common questions we are asked is: Can we grow spring flowering bulbs in pots? Well, the answer is a resounding yes, and here is how. CHOOSE THE RIGHT BULB FOR THE RIGHT POT The general tenet here is the bigger the bulb, the bigger the pot! This is logical when you […]

Herbaceous perennials are those gorgeous plants you fall in love with in garden magazines. They are versatile with fabulous flowers and beautiful form. Many fear their beauty must be too complicated to try, but in reality they are easy and don’t require a lot of maintenance.  Here is our advice on how to look after […]

You have chosen the perfect potted plant, and now you want to know what to do with it. Here is our step by step guide on how to give your potted plant the best start in life. PICK YOUR SPOT The best way to do this is by first checking the growing requirements of the […]

With their long stems, and showy blooms, rainbow collection of colours, not to mention the perfume of some Lilium varieties, there is nothing to compare them with for outstanding impact in garden beds and containers. Lilies are superbly long lasting cut flowers to boot! Yet their exotic beauty belies how easy they are to grow. […]

Now that we are well into the cooler days – and nights – of winter, we can revel in the fact that this is the perfect season for planting out one of Mother Nature’s best creations – Lilium Bulbs. The sheer delight of these flowers speak for themselves, and they can be incorporated into any size garden, […]

Winter Roses are exquisite, and foolproof. Here is all you need to know to grow them like the professionals: Once planted, your Winter Roses will be up and growing in no time, and they don’t need much to thrive. Dinner Time The simple way to fertilise them is to add a complete, slow release fertiliser […]

Making Your Hellebore Selection Known botanically as Helleborus, they are commonly known as Winter Rose, Snow Rose, Lenten Rose, Christmas Rose (more for the Northern Hemisphere) and Oracle Rose. There are around 17 different species to choose from however in this article we will refer to the commonly known and easily grown Helleborus x hybridus […]

Bearded Iris are a valuable garden plant. They stand tall, like sentinels, with sworded foliage topped with frilled, floral fancies in a never ending array of colours. The Ancient Greeks admired them, and the name, Iris denotes the Goddess of the rainbow; uniting heaven and earth. Monet used Bearded Iris for this in his garden, […]

WIN 1 of 10 double passes to the Fields of Fun – Tesselaar Tulip Festival.   Competition details: Prize: 10 x Double Passes to the Fields of Fun – Tesselaar Tulip Festival Who can enter? Australian residents Promotion starts: 8/9/2015 Promotion ends: 18/9/2015 How to enter 1. LIKE our Facebook Page: tesselaarAU 2. In the comments area of this post, tell […]

The roots of Hellebores, or Winter Rose is poisonous, and it is this quality that has led to their fame in folklore, mythology and early medicine. Gardeners, DON’T PANIC!!!, accidental poisoning to people or pets is almost impossible due to the terrible, bitter taste of the plant and quantities that would have to be consumed. […]

You can grow these exotic beauties in your own backyard, below we have a few guidelines to help you on your way, so you can grow Tulips here in Australia.

What a fun time we all had at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. It is such a lot of work but it is a fantastic show to be a part of. It is always great to meet our customers face to face and hear about their gardens. This year was the 20th anniversary […]

Our site was located on the corner of Victoria Parade and Nicholson Street at Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. We had a triangular site with six large trees. We worked within heritage regulations to create a design that was sympathetic to the landscape and wouldn’t damage the trees or ground. Every year we like […]

We have some simple tips for the best success when planting your spring bulbs in pots*: Start with the Right Tools Choose the right bulb for the right pot; the general tenet here is, the bigger the bulb the bigger the pot! This is logical when you think about it, if you use little bulbs […]

The Tulip is truly an extraordinary flower. It has a past steeped in legend and has been a muse for art and poetry, it has obsessed nations, and enthralled sultans. Here is one of the quixotic legends of its origin.

In the Victorian age, long before text messages, courting couples used flowers to send love notes to each other, and the language of flowers was created. Each flower was given a ‘secret’ significance. This meant a whole gamut of emotion could be expressed through a bouquet.

You can create some amazing effects using the brilliant colours and forms of spring flowering bulbs. We have put together a few ‘recipes’ that you can use as a guide to creating your own multi-planted spring bulb potted sensation. Layer the tall flowering ‘Bokassa Rose’ Tulip bulbs underneath those of the lower growing mauve spring […]

One of the most common questions we get asked about spring flowering bulbs is “will they grow in pots”? Well the answer for the most is yes! In fact, in some cases there are bulbs that actually grow better in pots. Especially the small, rare ones you don’t want to lose! With potted spring bulbs […]

With Spring bulbs you can harness the power of colour to transform an ordinary garden display into a fine piece of artwork. Well placed colour in the garden has the power to set moods, create visually pleasing ‘pictures’,  express individual style and even change the perceived size and shape of an area. So it makes […]

Bulbs for lazy gardeners

Spring flowering bulbs are surrounded by all sorts of myths, that they need to be dug, chilled and mollycoddled … well that isn’t always the case. There are spring bulbs out there that are happy to be simply planted and will return year in and out with a reliable show. They are known as naturalising […]

Summer Gardening in Australia is quite a challenge when you stop to consider our temperature extremes, and yet we gardening addicts still strive to achieve our dream gardens! Whatever elements are thrown at us, we just get right back out there into the garden and carry on regardless. Is this our pioneer spirit and resilient […]

  These regal flowers are so stunning they must be hard to grow, right? Wrong, it is actually quite easy and very rewarding to raise Cymbidium Orchids. Cool growing Cymbidium Orchids are exceptionally elegant plants with long lasting blooms. They flower from 4-12 weeks on the plant and at least 2-4 weeks as cut flowers. […]

Our best ever bulb tips

It begins quietly with the little Crocus, the early Jonquils and the cute but unassuming Spring Star Flowers. The high notes follow as we see parades of glorious Tulips, drifts of golden Daffodils and sways of Iris. The tempo rises further as the riotous Ranunculi burst into colour and the fragrant Freesias strut their stuff. […]

Hippeastrums hail from the tropics of South America. It has long been a mainstay in tropical gardens, where they thrive in the warm, wet, frost free conditions. The large, bright flowers are extremely showy and look fantastic in mass plantings and pots. Their hardy nature in these climes has made them famous, anything that thrives […]

Picking the perfect tulip

When it comes to Spring Bulbs, there is no shortage of colourful options to choose from. But no one can deny that Tulips are truly the Queen of them All. There is an almost endless array of colour and forms on offer and each year there are more and more beauties to choose from. Like […]