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Field Guide to Cymbidium Orchids


These regal flowers are so stunning they must be hard to grow, right? Wrong, it is actually quite easy and very rewarding to raise Cymbidium Orchids.

Cool growing Cymbidium Orchids are exceptionally elegant plants with long lasting blooms. They flower from 4-12 weeks on the plant and at least 2-4 weeks as cut flowers.

Cymbidium Orchids are easy to grow as long as you cater for their basic needs:

  1. Plant them in an orchid growing mix (not soil).
  2. Position the plant in dappled light.
  3. Keep the plant ‘just moist’ year round, and fertilise well.





Cymbidium Orchids make ideal pot and hanging basket plants. This has the added bonus of being able to bring them centre stage when they are in full bloom! Use a coarse Cymbidium Orchid growing mix to plant them in as they need excellent drainage, it also allows for plenty of air around the roots, (as they are naturally epiphytic this is important).

To choose a site for your Cymbidium Orchid, you are basically looking for half sun half shade; this is known as ‘filtered light’. Too much sun and the leaves will scald, not enough sun and the leaves will turn dark green. As the light conditions change during the year you may need to move them around to suit.

You will find this kind of light under trees, under eaves, under shade cloth or on patios. To check you have the right light, on a sunny day, place your hand where you intend to place your Cymbidium Orchid, and if it casts a light, fuzzy shadow you have the right spot!





To get the best out of your Cymbidium Orchids, you will need to fertilise them. Do this when the plant is growing (late August through to around December). Use a dedicated Orchid fertiliser and dilute it according the directions on the packet.

Adding a sprinkling of Dolomite Lime to the potting mix in early spring will give your Cymbidium Orchid a little extra pep; this adds a little alkalinity to their growing mix.

Of course watering is also an important element in keeping your Cymbidium Orchid happy and healthy. Ideally water 2-3 times a week during active spring growth, reducing this to once a week in autumn and winter. If they dry out for a long period, they will survive, but will not flower.

It is most important to water your Cymbidium Orchid when it is in flower, this will ensure the flowers last the distance. Remember to water the potting mix and not the blooms.


In warmer weather, your plants may be troubled by pests such as spider mites, mealy bugs or scale. Use an Eco Oil to control these baddies. You should also keep an eye out for slugs and snails who also admire these spectacular plants!

Young Cymbidium Orchid plants will take a few years to settle in and flower, but they are worth the wait and will flower reliably for years to come.

If you have a mature Cymbidium Orchid plant that is no longer flowering, it is often because they are in too much shade, or have been left to dry out.

So there it is, the easy way to grow Cymbidium Orchids, we hope you find this helpful and would love to hear any tips you have too.