Here we have the latest and greatest products of the season. Many of these are new release products which have not been seen in Australia before. Others are diamond award winners or plants with exceptional qualities we have felt worthy to single out.

The Season’s Highlights have been tried and tested in our gardens and we believe them to be garden worthy. They have real flower power and good disease and pest resistance.

Our Season’s Highlights are in high demand so if there is something that appeals we recommend you get in early so you don’t miss out.

New and Highlights

Season Highlights are our 'Cream of the crop' for the Season - the plants and bulbs that are worth a special mention and that are ready to strut their stuff in your garden. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed selecting them for you.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus Bianco Striato

    Get the best.

  • Fantasia Freesias Blushing Snow

    New in 2020.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus Salmone


  • Renaissance Ranunculus Crema

    The cream of the crop!

  • Butterfly Daffodil Waltz

    New in 2020.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus Striato Giallo

    Taking Ranunculus to a whole new level.

  • Dutch Iris Discovery Purple

    New in 2020.

  • Hyacinths Yellowstone

    New in 2020.

  • Dutch Iris Discovery Sky

    New in 2020.

  • Hyacinths Blue Trophy

    New in 2020.

  • Tulip Tom Pouce

    New in 2020.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus Ciocolato

    Quintessential spring blooms.

  • Bergunden Freesias Corvette

    New in 2020.

  • Magniflora Tulips All That Jazz

    New in 2020.

  • Hyacinths Blue Giant

    New in 2020.

  • Pink Daffodils Mon Cheri

    New in 2020.

  • Tulip Colour Blend - My Heartthrob

    Be still my beating heart.

  • Daffodil Czardas

    New in 2020.

  • Tulip Choice

    New in 2020.


Value packs

We have included our most popular bulb choices in an impressive array of colours to provide you with simple and lasting colour.

Spring comes but once a year, so celebrate it in style with these easy to plant packs. Whether you are just starting out, want to experiment, or simply need some colour in your life this is a great way to achieve it!

All Mixes and Collections

Our `Mixed` are a great and economical way to add lots of colour to your garden. If you don’t mind what colour goes where in your garden then you can save money and enjoy a lovely surprise come flowering season with our mixes. We mix together the range of quality bulbs and plants (quality is not compromised even though the prices are reduced) for you, package them up and send them out to you.

Our `Collections` are for you if you can’t decide which variety is your favourite, or you just want some of everything. A `Collection` included one or more of each variety listed and priced at a reduced rate for you. Each product arrives separately bagged and labelled so you know what you are planting where. This enables you to map out your garden display easily. Our collections offer you great variety and value for your garden.

Gift Vouchers

A Tesselaar Gift Voucher makes the perfect gift as your recipient can choose products from our range of bulbs and plants at a time that suits them. If someone you know loves gardening as much as you, then this is the perfect gift.

We can post the gift card (and current Tesselaar Catalogue) directly to yourself or your recipient. (If you would like us to post the gift card directly to your recipient, please provide the recipients name and address and a brief message for the card in the 'Comments' field on the 'Checkout' page).

Vouchers can be redeemed in any Tesselaar season.

  • Tesselaar Gift Voucher

    Give the gift of gardening.