Welcome to a showy selection of the best of the best from the current season's range. These are the new, rare and hot to trot plants of the season.

Highlights of the Catalogue

Welcome to the highlights of our latest Limited Edition catalogue. One of the best things about gardening is the diversity of plants on offer. What a sensational choice we have! This selection of highlights includes our new releases and our plants of special note. This is a great place to look if you are after something a bit innovative and different to try out in your garden.

  • Tulip 'Spryng Break'

    New in 2024.

  • Tulip 'Asahi'

    A fiery combination of colour.

  • Tulip 'Gavota'

    Striking colour and form.

  • Tulip 'Sinfonie'

    New in 2024.

  • Double Daffodil 'Westward'

    Short and sweet.

  • Tulip 'Paul Scherer'

    Black is the new black!

  • Daffodil 'Mount Hood'

    Highly awarded.

  • Scented Daffodil 'Kapiti Peach'

    New in 2024.

  • Daffodil 'Precocious'

    Herald the spring.

  • Double Daffodil 'Milena'

    New in 2024

  • Daffodil 'Mirar'

    New in 2024.

  • Tulip 'Furand'

    The 'X' factor.


Limited Edition Perennials

Create masses of colour in your garden in the coming season with these hardy plants. We choose our Perennials based on their strong flower power, overall garden appeal and ease of care. Planting a range of them will have your garden blooming beautiful all year round.

  • Sanguisorba Japanese Burnet

    New in 2024.

  • Centaurea Perennial Cornflower

    Pink perfection.

  • Fairy Bells 'Album'


  • Penstemon 'Husker's Red'

    A fine choice.

  • Veronica 'Crater Lake Blue'

    New in 2024.

  • Agastache Orange Hummingbird Mint

    Impressive flower power.

  • Foxglove 'Gigantea'

    Statuesque wonders.

  • Chocolate Foxglove

    Delicious vertical spires.

  • Fairy Bells 'Blue'

    The wow factor.

  • Shasta Daisy 'Betsy'

    The biggest blooms of all!

  • Dwarf Jerusalem Sage 'Pygmy'

    New in 2024.

  • Ornamental Rhubarb

    Weird and wonderful.

  • Aquilegia 'Double Rubies'

    Ruby stars.

  • Aquilegia William Guinness

    There's nothing like a Guinness.

  • Welsh Poppy

    New in 2024.

  • Cat Thyme

    New in 2024.

  • Veronica 'Blue Regiment'

    New in 2024.

  • Aster 'Snow White'

    A prolific perennial.

  • Chrysanthenum 'Snow Dome'

    A no maintenance dome.

  • Winter Rose HGC Ice N' Roses 'Early Red'

    New in 2023.


Reblooming Daylilies

These charismatic plants are reliable, vigorous and heat tolerant once established. Their show can repeat into autumn with a succession of vivid flowers, each more sensational than the last.

  • Reblooming Daylily 'My Reggae Tiger'

    Warming orange shades.

  • Reblooming Daylily 'Princess Tutu'

    On point.

  • Reblooming Daylily 'Booby Ruby'

    Incredible endurance.

  • Reblooming Daylily 'Berrylicious'

    An abundant bloomer.

  • Reblooming Daylilies Collection

    Blooming brilliant.

  • Reblooming Daylily 'Daria'

    Robust and sensational.


Renaissance Ranunculi

The Biancheri family of San Remo in Italy began growing Anemones and Ranunculus in the 1800's. In what is still a family business, they have remained pioneers in their development and improvement by combining tradition and cutting edge research to create ever more beautiful and lasting flowers. Their blooms are now sold worldwide and are highly sought-after by both the cut flower trade and nursery industry. Each tuber produces at least ten flowers which are fully double from start to end. They are the best you can get.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Bianco'

    Bright sparks.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Clementine'

    Citrus shades.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Giallo'

    Good as gold.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Tiger'


  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Rosso'

    When in doubt choose red!

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Rosa Scuro'

    New in 2024.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus 'Nero'

    New in 2024.

  • Renaissance Ranunculus Collection

    Highly collectible.


Species Tulip

Species tulips offer a dazzling range of colours and forms. In the right conditions these robust bulbs will multiply at a steady rate. They are easy to naturalise in well drained soils – this means that you don’t have to lift them each year! Just ensure a bit of shade and not too much water over their dormancy.

  • Species Tulip Golden Lady Tulip

    A rare treasure.

  • Species Tulip 'Honky Tonk'

    Luminous flowers.

  • Species Tulip 'Cynthia'

    Heirloom splendour.

  • Species Tulip 'Lady Jane'

    Candy cane blooms.

  • Species Tulip 'Red Hunter'

    Hunt and collect.


Special bulbs

  • Garden Ranunculus Mixed

    Masses of spring colour.

  • Peacock Iris

    Exquisite blooms.

  • Mistral Anemone 'Port Wine'

    Richly rewarding.

  • Dutch Crocus Mixed

    Make the most of spring.

  • Blue Squill

    Shows topping blue with a honey fragrance.

  • Crocus 'Firefly'

    Winter wonders.

  • Grape Hyacinth 'Baby's Breath'

    Get in quick!

  • Midikin Ranunculus Mixed

    Compact colour.

  • Scilla 'Amethyst Meadow Squill'

    Long lived and generous.

  • Allium 'Bridal Mist'

    Fast and easy.

  • Mistral Anemone 'Blush'

    Blushing beauties.

  • Belladonna Lily 'Hathor'

    Sweetly scented bulbs of steel.

  • Giant Belladonna Lily

    A wonderful rarity.

  • Glory of the Sun

    A rare treat.


Warm coloured Tulips

These tulips deliver the sizzle in spring. Use a combination of this collection to create a cohesive show, selecting those with similar flowering times to make the most of your display. Warm colours work well in gardens to draw the eye.

  • Lily Tulip 'Pretty Woman'

    New in 2024.

  • Tulip 'Orange Babies'

    New in 2024.

  • Tulip 'Orange Juice'

    Vivacious tulips.

  • Tulip 'American Dream'

    What dreams are made of.

  • Tulip 'Curry'

    Some like it hot.

  • Tulip 'Sri Chinmoy'

    Sheer brilliance.

  • Tulip 'Power Play'

    A powerful bloom.

  • Tulip 'Rambo'

    A 'tough' choice.

  • Warm Coloured Tulips Collection

    A sizzling collection.

  • Lily Tulip 'Synaeda Orange'

    Beautiful form.


Cool coloured Tulips

Cool things down this spring with these tranquil shades. Choose a variety from this collection to create calm, relaxed feel to your garden design. Cool colours are also useful for making small spaces appear larger.

  • Tulip 'Rosalie'

    Cool colour.

  • Double Tulip 'Ridgedale'

    New in 2024.

  • Tulip 'Holland Beauty'

    Exceptional beauty.

  • Tulip 'Heydar Aliyev'

    Stunning colour.

  • Tulip 'Tresor'

    New in 2024.

  • Tulip 'Prime Time'

    Primed and ready.

  • Cool Coloured Tulips Collection

    Keep calm and carry on.

  • Tulip 'Argos'

    New in 2024.

  • Tulip Judith Leyster

    Magical petals.

  • Tulip 'Panama'

    Exotic beauties.


Parrot Tulip

True extroverts. Colourful, frilled and flamboyant, Parrot tulips always create a stir in the garden. Their ravishing bicolored, frilled petals are decadent. They remain reliable, tough and hardy. Each petal is a work of art, each flower a masterpiece.

These Parrot Tulips are generally available from Mid January until Mid May.

  • Parrot Tulip 'Cabanna'

    First class tulips.

  • Parrot Tulip 'Rococo'

    Kaleidoscopic colour.

  • Parrot Tulip 'Jan van Nes Parrot'

    BIG, outlandish blooms.

  • Parrot Tulip 'Black Parrot'

    Black is back.

  • Parrot Tulip 'Negrita Parrot'

    New in 2024.

  • Parrot Tulip 'Super Parrot'

    Super stars.

  • Parrot Tulips Collection

    A triumph of colour.


Monet Tulip

Monet Tulips are huge! The flower heads are like giant goblets held aloft on strong stems. Their vibrant colour range means there is one to suit any garden. Monet Tulips offer later blooms, strong growth. The flowers have great substance, so last well in gardens and vases.

  • Monet Tulip 'Tesselaar Diamond Jubilee'

    A special, celebratory tulip.

  • Monet Tulip 'Carmine'

    Be mine, Carmine.

  • Monet Tulip 'Swarovski'

    New in 2024.

  • Monet Tulip 'Ouveze'

    Go for gold.

  • Monet Tulips Collection No2

    XXL blooms.


Fragrant Hyacinths

Grow Hyacinths for their fragrance alone and you will be a happy gardener ... and oh what colours ... it would be a shame not to plant a few! Their compact form means they are ideal for potting and can be easily used in landscaping. Hyacinths are also excellent for picking and their perfume will fill your home.

  • Hyacinth 'Red Glory'

    New in 2024.

  • Hyacinth 'Orange Lion'

    Enjoy a fragrant spring.

  • Hyacinth 'Aqua'

    Azure blue.

  • Hyacinth 'Top White'

    Pristine white.

  • Hyacinths Collection

    The reddest of them all.

  • Hyacinth 'Fondant'

    Sweet spring flowers.

  • Hyacinth 'Johanna'

    Think pink.

  • Hyacinth 'Splendid Cornelia'

    Simply splendid.

  • Hyacinth 'Sweetheart'

    Stealing hearts.


Delightful Dutch Iris

Part of the next generation of Dutch Iris. This impressive selection of flowers just that little bit better, and having been bred for the cut flower trade are amazing as cut flowers. Tall, elegant and enduring, all gardens can benefit from a Dutch Iris or two.

  • Dutch Iris 'Red Ember'

    Modern Iris.

  • Dutch Iris 'Gypsy Beauty'

    Tall and enduring.

  • Dutch Iris 'Sapphire Beauty'

    Reliable and great for cutting.

  • Dutch Iris 'Montecito'

    All that glitters.

  • Dutch Iris 'Silvery Beauty'

    Hi ho silver!

  • Dutch Iris Collection

    Late season splendour.

  • Dutch Iris 'Dutchy Blue'

    Can you ever have enough blue?


Bulk Buys

Bulk Buys are your chance to fill your garden with colour at the best possible price. Our Bulk Buys take advantage of this season’s bumper crops. It is always a happy thing to share in good fortune so enjoy the spoils!

  • Sale-badge

    BULK BUY Daffodil 'King Alfred'

    Buy in bulk and SAVE.

    SAVE UP TO $17.00
  • Sale-badge

    BULK BUY Bergunden Freesias Mixed

    Buy in bulk and SAVE.

    SAVE UP TO $6.00
  • Sale-badge

    BULK BUY Dutch Iris 'Discovery'

    Buy in bulk and SAVE.

    SAVE UP TO $20.00
  • Sale-badge

    BULK BUY Miniature Daffodil 'Tete a Tete'

    Buy in bulk and SAVE.

    SAVE UP TO $14.50
  • Sale-badge

    BULK BUY Tulips 'Mega Mix'

    Buy in bulk and SAVE.

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  • Sale-badge

    BULK BUY Mixed Daffodils Trumpet and Cups

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    BULK BUY Scented Daffodil 'Geranium'

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  • Sale-badge

    BULK BUY Grape Hyacinths Blue

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    BULK BUY Bokassa Tulip 'Red'

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    BULK BUY Mixed Daffodils Scentsational Blend

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    BULK BUY Hyacinth 'Louvre'

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  • Sale-badge

    BULK BUY Hyacinths Mixed

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    BULK BUY Hyacinth 'Pink Surprise'

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    BULK BUY Potting Hyacinth 'Blue Pearl'

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    BULK BUY Double Fringed Tulip 'Queensland'

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    BULK BUY Tulip 'Leen van der Mark'

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Double Daffodil

Twice as nice with double trumpets, petals or both. Vibrant spring colour, these Daffodils have all the trimmings. Fragrant, highly ruffled cultivars, these large flowers are delightful. Take advantage of the large variety available to create a symphony of colours and textures in your garden. Suitable for garden and container plantings.

These Daffodils are generally available from Mid January until Mid May.

  • Double Daffodil 'Spring Paradise'

    Paradise found.

  • Double Daffodil 'Double Power'

    New in 2024.

  • Double Daffodil 'Madison'

    A humdinger.

  • Double Daffodil 'Sunny Day'

    New in 2024.

  • Double Daffodils Collection

    Double the delight.


Butterfly Daffodil

Frivolous flamboyance! Butterfly Daffodils are elaborate flowers, where the corona or trumpet is split to form a ruffle which makes the flower appear double. For this reason they are also known as Split Corona or Split Crown Daffodils. But we like the more romantic term Butterfly Daffodils and think they look fabulous fluttering in the spring breeze.

  • Butterfly Daffodils Pick Up

    A handsome bicolour.

  • Butterfly Daffodils Collection

    Spring fanfare.

  • Butterfly Daffodil 'Chanterelle'

    Cheerful blooms.

  • Butterfly Daffodil 'Dolly Mollinger'

    One of our favourites.

  • Butterfly Daffodil 'Orangery'

    Hello spring.


Daffodil Delights

Their sunny disposition makes them simple to love, nature makes them simple to grow. These spring essentials bring big rewards for little effort. Daffodils also make great cut flowers, so why not plant a few extras for picking?!

  • Daffodil 'Cairngorm'

    New in 2024.

  • Scented Daffodil 'Yellow Cheerfulness'

    Easily pleased.

  • Butterfly Daffodil 'Changing Colours'

    Gorgeous, chameleon blooms.

  • Double Daffodil 'Meribel'

    New in 2024.

  • Daffodil 'Ptolemy'

    A flower for the stars.

  • Daffodil 'Signor'

    A cut above.

  • Scented Daffodil 'Bridal Crown'

    The crowning glory.

  • Butterfly Daffodil 'Lemon Beauty'

    White with a dash of lemon.

  • Double Daffodil 'Double Fashion'

    Always on trend.

  • Double Daffodil 'Queen's Day'

    A beauty queen.

  • Daffodil 'Fragrant Breeze'

    Fabulous and fragrant.

  • Daffodil 'Pimpernel'

    Vibrant bloomers.

  • Daffodil Delights Collection No2

    Glory days.

  • Daffodil Delights Collection No1

    Delight in the variety.

  • Daffodil 'Golden Salome'

    A champ.



Epimediums are surprisingly easy to grow and will thrive in hard to fill shady spots. They are a rare find in Australian gardens, and we think that is a bit of a shame because they are so easy and so pretty. A rare get, you should grab them while you can.

If you take the time to cut Epimediums back in late winter, the new growth will shine through in spring. This is where the foliage comes to the fore, with fabulous marbling and streaking.

  • Epimedium Bishops Hat

    New in 2024.

  • Epimedium x rubrum

    A must have.

  • Epimedium 'Lilac Cascade'

    New in 2024.

  • Epimedium 'Brimstone Butterfly'

    Easy and ethereal.

  • Epimedium 'Cream'

    Delicate beauty with endurance.

  • Epimedium 'Okuda's White'

    Surprisingly easy to grow.

  • Epimedium Barrenwort

    Superb in shade.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.