Welcome to a showy selection of the best of the best from the current season's range. These are the new, rare and hot to trot plants of the season.

Highlights and New Releases of the Limited Edition

Welcome to the highlights of our latest Limited Edition catalogue. One of the best things about gardening is the diversity of plants on offer. What a sensational choice we have! This selection of highlights includes our new releases and our plants of special note. This is a great place to look if you are after something a bit innovative and different to try out in your garden.

Double Oriental Liliums

It is easy to fall in love with these fragrant fancies. Double Oriental Lilies have twice the petals of your average lily, they layer upon each other with ruffle and flair, unfurling gradually to their full glory.

Double Oriental Lilies have a strong, sweet perfume and have the added benefit of little to no stamens, so there is no mess. This also means the blooms will last longer, as they are not focusing on seed production. In gardens or pots they are a winner.

Sonatini Hippeastrums

I’m not sure we can sing the praises of Sonatini Hippeastrums highly enough! They are one of the great bulbs that you can just plant and forget, similar to Nerines and Belladonna Lilies. Sonatini Hippeastrums will grow in cool climates with ease – there is no need to lift them every year, in fact, once planted you will have decades of reliable blooms.

Pixie Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic Pixie Lilies are a new sensation. They make it easy to add splashes of colour to garden beds or pots in summer. Their compact stems are strong and upright, they bear full size blooms to breathtaking effect. They are just as easy to grow and care for, with great reliability.

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    Pixie Asiatic Lilies Mixed

    Compact colour.

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    Pixie Asiatic Lilies Freckled Joy

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    Pixie Asiatic Lilies Sparkling Joy

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  • Pixie Asiatic Lilies Curitiba

    Cute and compact.

  • Pixie Asiatic Lilies Golden Joy

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  • Pixie Asiatic Lilies Trinity Joy

    New in 2019.


Matisse Oriental Lilies

These vanguard Lilies make great conversation pieces in the garden! The vibrant petals have splashes and splotches all over creating contrast and texture across the blooms. Wherever you plant them they are sure to turn heads!

Matisse Asiatic Lilies are named for the artist who wrote himself into history by breaking the ‘laws’ of colour to create masterpieces. You can add them to your beds and borders for a little daring in your summer show.

Epimedium Fairy Wings

Epimediums are surprisingly easy to grow and will thrive in those hard to fill shady spots. They are a rare find in Australian gardens, and we think that is a bit of a shame because they are so easy and so pretty.

If you take the time to cut Epimediums back in late winter, the new growth will shine through in spring. This is where the foliage comes to the fore, with fabulous marbling and streaking. A rare get, you should grab them while you can.

Aquilegia Kirigami

An improved form of the legendary Origami Aquilegia, this is the next generation of breeding. The flowers are bigger, begin earlier and last longer. The colourful flowers can even be picked and bought indoors. The foliage is lush and compact and a feature in itself.

Peony Rose

Peony Roses are indulgent, intoxicating blooms with the most amazing perfume. From tight, round buds, the petals unfurl to reveal full, flouncy flowers. They are fantastic in the garden and the vase so plant as many as you can!

Peony Roses originate on the limestone soils of Asia, so like some garden lime added to the soil they grow in. This is easy to do – you can dig it through prior to planting, so it is mixed nicely with your existing soil. Or you can add it to your established plants by pouring it around the drip zone and then lightly digging it into the soil. Add water and you are done!


Dahlias are brilliant garden plants. They are long flowering, with lush foliage, they are easy to flower and care for and come in a huge array of colours shapes and sizes. Dahlia flowers are excellent for cutting, lasting a week or more in a vase. And they just keep giving, by cutting the flowers you will encourage more blooms.

Dahlias tubers take around 8 weeks from planting to flowering. Plant your Dahlia tuber in a sunny spot into moist, humus rich, well drained soil. Water in well then keep moist during active growth.

Bulk Buys

Bulk Buys are your chance to fill your garden with colour at the best possible price. Our Bulk Buys take advantage of this season’s bumper crops. It is always a happy thing to share in good fortune so enjoy the spoils!

Winter Rose

In the midst of winter, the timeless beauty of Hellebores or Winter Roses comes into its own. The gorgeous flowers come in a handsome array of colours, from opalescent white, to rich burgundy, they are sure to brighten the dull days of winter.

Winter Roses hold their flowers for many weeks, and with their lush foliage, they make a winning combination. One of the best bits about them is that they like the shade, so they fill some difficult garden spots. Plant your Hellebore Winter Roses beneath deciduous trees for a picture-perfect effect.

Tuberous Begonia

Tuberous Begonias come in a dazzling array of colours. The flowers are real attention getters, they are large and semi to fully double. The petals are soft and glitter in the sunlight.

Tuberous Begonias have a reputation of being difficult. But once you learn a few tricks of the trade so to speak they are rewarding and not at all challenging to grow.


Honeysuckles are so easy and rewarding to grow. They have bounteous flowers with the most sensational aroma and that last for months. They are not fussy about soil and don’t need much in the way of care. There are both twining and shrub varieties to enjoy.


Agastache is a steadfast in our garden. We planted one variety ten years ago and our collection continues to grow. They are just so easy and offer so much reward. Agastache come in a great colour range. The blooms open above the foliage and sway beautifully in even the lightest breeze creating lovely movement in the garden.

Aquilegia Songbird Series

The Aquilegia Songbird Series is one of the best Aquilegias around. It has received the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit for quality garden plants. The flowers are 7-8cm across and upward to outward facing. Aquilegia Songbird Series are great for picking too!

Fruits of your labour

Growing your own berries and currants is a rewarding and delicious way to garden. With a little support they will be up and growing in no time bearing fruit summer to autumn. There are even some that can be grown without supports. Fertiliser and water at the critical times will have you filling your baskets in no time.

Delphinium Sherwood Series

The Sherwood Series Delphiniums are stunning. The flowers open on lovely straight stems in summer and if treated well, again in autumn. The show lasts well and has a wonderful, romantic feel. The colours can be combined or singled out to create a delightful show. The crowns will last years and the flowers will set viable seed so Delphiniums are a great garden investment.

Other Joyous Lilies

Be warned, Lilies may be addictive! There is such a great array of colour and form to choose from, and they are so rewarding to grow, once you have tried a few, you may be on the road to becoming a collector!

Lilies are easy to grow and care for, the bulbs will multiply at a steady rate in the ideal conditions. Plant them in full sun to part shade and keep moist during active growth.