Rose Fruity Parfuma

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Rose ‘Fruity Parfuma’ is a beautiful rose from famed German breeders Kordes & Sons, it is part of their fabulous Parfuma range. The strong pink flowers grow to around 6cm across and have 17-25 petals forming a globular bloom. A strong repeat bloomer with prolific flowers.

The enthralling fragrance of Rose ‘Fruity Parfuma’ is an impressive 5/5 on our fragrance scale. The breeders had a perfumer analyse the fragrance and they picked up strong notes of raspberries, rhubarbs, patchouli and earthy rose.
Rose ‘Fruity Parfuma’ is a Floribunda that grows 80-100cm tall and 40-60cm wide. It took out the prestigious ADR award in 2018.
Rose bushes are upright, elegant shrubs that are adorned twice a year with spectacular, showy blooms.

The basics of rose care are simply ...

1. Keep the plants moist at all times, but never allow the roots to sit in water.

2. Feed generously, and frequently, two or three times over the flowering season.

3. Keep pests to a minimum (this is usually not a problem if you start with a strong variety, and keep it well watered and well fed).

4. Prune back once a year .

5. Keep the area around the roots weed free, and ensure 4-6 hours of sun per day. Loamy soils are ideal, though Roses will grow in heavy top soils (if well drained) and sandy soils (if kept watered and fed more frequently). For Roses to thrive, good drainage is critical.

Tips for picking rose blooms ...

1. Avoid picking in the first year

2. Never take more than a third of the flower stem to help the bush to remain productive and shapely.

3. Use a sharp blade and always cut to an outward facing bud.

4. If the rose bush isn't growing vigorously, remove the flowers without taking any leaves.

5. Pick roses early in the morning - moisture and sugar levels are high so they tend to last longer.

6. Immerse rose stems in warm water and re-cut stems under water.

7. Remove all thorns and foliage that will sit below the level of the vase.

8. For larger, prize winning blooms on established plants; we recommend that you 'disbud' by removing all the side buds whilst they are still small. This enables the rose plant able to focus all its energy on making the top bud larger. The end result is fewer, but larger blooms.



Botantical name

Rosa hybrids






Spring to Autumn


Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide


Full Sun

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