If you have never gardened before, a Veggie Patch is an easy way to start as you are able to reap what you sow relatively soon after planting. You grow with love and can share that love with friends and family.

All our fruits and vegetables come with detailed, easy to follow instructions that will have you gardening like a pro in no time!


The taste of home grown strawberries is so much sweeter than the ones from the supermarket, there really is no comparison. The flavour straight from the bush is absolutely mouth watering.

Strawberries are a great crop to grow with kids as they can watch them grow before their eyes and enjoy the spoils in no time! They like a sunny spot in humus rich soil. It is a good idea to add some compost or well rotted manure to the poor soils to give your strawberries a little extra get up and go.


Potatoes are hard not to love! They can be cooked in so many different ways, mashed, fried, roasted, baked, used in soups etc. etc. We have chosen strong varieties that will produce heavy yields with ease.

There are lots of ways to grow Potatoes. They are so easy, they will succeed in the ground, in pots or even grown in sacks! From planting you only have to wait 15-20 weeks to harvest your delicious crop.


Perfectly sized for patios and small gardens, these heavy cropping and handsome, dwarf, Meyer Lemons are handy to have around. They have sweet, juicy fruits and their small size makes them a cinch to care for. The plants will take two to four years to reach full production depending on conditions.

  • Lemon 'Lemonicious'

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  • Lemon 'Lots A' Lemons'

    Heavy fruiting.

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Shallots are easy to grow, simply requiring a well drained soil and a sunny spot. Each bulb can produce a cluster of 6-12 new bulbs in a season.


Fruits and vegetables are often easier to grow than you might imagine. They are delicious and putting them on the plate brings a feeling of pride to the grower. They are often more delicious than what you can get on the supermarket shelves and you know what you are putting in your body.

All our fruits and vegetables come with easy to read, practical growing instructions. You can plant your veg in dedicated areas, or combine them in your flower gardens.

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    Rhubarb 'Ever Red'

    Ever fabulous.

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Growing your own berries and currants is a rewarding and delicious way to garden. With a little support they will be up and growing in no time bearing fruit summer to autumn. There are even some that can be grown without supports. Fertiliser and water at the critical times will have you filling your baskets in no time.