Dahlias are brilliant garden plants. They are long flowering, easy to care for and come in a huge array of colours shapes and sizes. Dahlia flowers are excellent for cutting, lasting a week or more in a vase, and they just keep giving, by cutting the flowers you will encourage more blooms.

Dahlias tubers take around eight weeks from planting to flowering. Plant your Dahlia tuber in a sunny spot into moist, humus rich, well drained soil. Water in well then keep moist during active growth.

Cool Tone Dahlia

These cool shades can be artfully used to make small areas appear larger. The soft colouring brings an air of serenity to the landscape. They recede where warm tones are drawn forward.

Clever use of colour can be used to change the mood of your garden.

  • Dahlia 'Anne's Delight'

    A floral delight.

  • Dahlia 'Sweet Heart'

    Total sweet hearts.

  • Cool Tone Dahlia Collection

    Cool customers.

  • Dahlia 'Chad'

    Mauve marvels.

  • Dahlia 'Nugget'

    A whisper from black.

  • Dahlia 'Atlantic Jewels'

    Garden finery.

  • Dahlia 'Hedgehog'

    A sharp choice.


Warm Tone Dahlia

It’s simple to create dazzling highlights with these vivid shades to draw the eye. Warm colours come forward and pop in the landscape. You can use them to create focal points amongst your garden.

  • Dahlia 'African Sunset'

    A colour sensation.

  • Dahlia 'Urica'

    Heart warming.

  • Warm Tone Dahlia Collection

    Dazzling highlights.

  • Dahlia 'Bushfire'

    Warmed petals.

  • Dahlia 'Melancholy'

    Uplifting blooms.

  • Dahlia 'Dragon's Blood'

    A fiery choice.

  • Dahlia 'Melissa'

    Ravishing in red.


Dwarf Lubega Dahlias

These little pocket rockets really pack a punch with up to five months of flowers. The vigorous, healthy growth is naturally well branched so doesn’t require pinching or staking. Great in patio pots or as pops of colour in the landscape.