Plant a range of colourful Calla Lily blooms for a succession of fabulous flowers through summer. They are great in the garden and great for picking! Calla Lilies grow everywhere from Queensland to Tasmania, with a similar line along the West Coast. Plant them in full sun to semi shade and keep watered for best results.

  • Calla Lily 'Crystal Blush'

    Blushing beauties.

  • Calla Lily 'Hot Chocolate'

    Delectable in gardens or pots.

  • Calla Lily 'Hot Cherry'

    Hot colour.

  • Calla Lilies Collection

    Summer sensations.

  • Calla Lily 'Hot Shot'

    Hot to trot.

  • Calla Lily 'Black Magic'

    Weave some magic.

  • Calla Lilies Mixed

    Irresistible colour.

  • Calla Lily 'Swan Lake'

    Graceful blooms.