Climbing Rose 'Kiss Me Kate'

Climbing Rose 'Kiss Me Kate'

Fragrant climbing rose.

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A strong choice with a beautiful perfume, this climbing rose is garden worthy. The blooms grow to an impressive 9cm across with up to 41 petals. The stems are well proportioned and great for cutting. This wonderfully healthy rose climbs with vigour, growing up to 2m.
Rose ‘Kiss Me Kate’ rates a top 5/5 on our perfume scale. The Kordes perfumer describes it “Lovely-flowery this rose presents a fresh top note of freshly ground lemon peel. This citric-sweet aspect is completed by a fresh green apple scent. A ripe, slightly soapy rose note dominates the heart note, blended by the breath of a sweet raspberry note from time to time. The scent is underlined by a discreet impression of aromatic myrrh in the bottom note”.
Climbing roses are an easy way to add flora height and charm to the garden. These romantic plants look divine tumbling over a fence, stately on an archway, glorious on a pergola and charismatic on a pillar or post. They act as fantastic screens for unsightly areas and can enhance any size of space.
You can train them onto anything that they can be tied to, for example pergolas, lattice, fencing wire or frames. They won’t need pruning for the first few years (unless it is dead or unwanted growth), as they flower best on two year old canes. For best blooms on a flat surface the stems should be trained horizontally, or on uprights like an archway they should be spiralled.
The basics of rose care are simply ...
1. Keep the plants moist at all times, but never allow the roots to sit in water.
2. Feed generously, and frequently, two or three times over the flowering season.
3. Keep pests to a minimum (this is usually not a problem if you start with a strong variety, and keep it well watered and well fed).
4. On a wall or fence you will need to train climbing roses with loose twine. The main canes should go horizontally while still soft and pliable. The side shoots will flower strongly and can then be easily pruned as required. On an archway, or pergola, or pillars, plant one rose either side (ensuring the arbour is wide and tall enough to pass through) spiral the stems around the posts, prune as required, with the big prune after flowering. You can use weights tied, or pegged to stems to help train them.
5. Keep the area around the roots weed free, and ensure 4-6 hours of sun per day. Loamy soils are ideal, though Roses will grow in heavy top soils (if well drained) and sandy soils (if kept watered and fed more frequently). For Roses to thrive, good drainage is critical.

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Rosa hybrids






Spring to autumn


Cool to Sub-Tropical


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Fully Hardy


Full Sun

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