Tree Peony Shimadaijin

Tree Peony Shimadaijin

Adored ornamentals.

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Huge, purple red, semi double flowers to 20cm across with prominent, gold stamens. Tree Peony ‘Shimadaijin is a rare, early flowering variety with a spicy scent.

These prized plants are incredibly long lasting and don’t need a lot of care. It is quite generous and vigorous, it is one of the largest of the Tree Peonies. First cultivated in Japan in 1953 by Kiyo Ikeuchi.

Tree Peonies bring imperial splendour to your garden. They also make wonderful cut flowers. They are a great choice for small gardens, because they are so slow growing, don’t take up much space and the flowers are a great focal point. They are great for large gardens too, because of their lasting display and once established they can be left to their own devices and you can take that time to care for other plants.

Tree Peonies look exotic and temperamental, and yet they are pretty hardy, and grow well in Cool to Temperate Australian gardens that receive frosts.

Tree Peony ‘Alice Harding’ should flower in the first year.

Tree Peonies need cold winters and hot summers for best flowers. We recommend you treat your Tree Peonies a bit like hungry teenage boys and feed them well! Water to establish, then only if rainfall is low. They have impressive dry tolerant once established. Best planted with protection from the hot afternoon sun and don’t mind a filtered light position, though too much shade will result in less flowers. They need well drained soil and a permanent garden position. Once established they will pretty much take care of themselves, the only pruning you need to do is aesthetic, you just need to add some fertiliser so you can enjoy the best of the blooms, and if the frost is very hard where you live, add a winter mulch.

Tree Peonies differ from Herbaceous Peonies in that they have a woody base that remains year round and which magically transforms into a shrub with the warmth of spring. Peonies on the other hand die all the way back to the ground.

Why so expensive? They are difficult to propagate and take years to establish. They are also slow growing, so need a few years, some up to half a decade of love and devotion from our farmer before they are ready for your garden. The newer varieties are also generally imported so in the first few years of growth incur extra costs.

Supplied as: Bare rooted



Botantical name

Paeonia suffruticosa






Spring to Summer


Cool to Temperate


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Semi Shade

Supplied as

Bare rooted


Water needs