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Creating your own 'recipe' of potted spring bulbs

You can create some amazing effects using the brilliant colours and forms of spring flowering bulbs.

We have put together a few ‘recipes’ that you can use as a guide to creating your own multi-planted spring bulb potted sensation.

  1. Layer the tall flowering ‘Bokassa Rose’ Tulip bulbs underneath those of the lower growing mauve spring star flowers. This cool colour combo will show for weeks, peaking when the two flowering times overlap.
  2. For an early, bright show give blue Grape Hyacinths and golden Miniature Daffodils ‘Tete-a-Tete’ a go, these colours really pop together. Plant the Daffodils slightly deeper than the Grape Hyacinths.
  3. Create a tutti fruity concoction of colour with early to mid flowering tulips ‘Candy Prince’, ‘Black Hero’ and ‘The Mounties’ with an underplanting of blue and yellow pansies.
  4. Plant Hyacinths in combination with early flowering Tulips in a large pot – put this by the front door so you can enjoy the fragrance. An example of the varieties is Tulip ‘Negrita’ and Hyacinth ‘Aiolos’.
  5. A medley of rare bulbs such as Snakes Head Fritillaria, white Grape Hyacinths and Crocus ‘Romance’ will bring a colourful end to winter and no doubt wow your visitors.

We are sure with the basics you can come up with some of your own special recipes.

Here are the three golden rules to use when planting your spring flowering bulb pots:

  1.       You could choose to plant only one variety, this ensures they are all blooming at the same time.
  2.       In large pots, you can plant early mid and late flowering varieties of the same type, for example three different varieties of Tulips. This will give you an extended show. You simply layer the bulbs one on top of the other between the soil.
  3. In large containers you can plant a variety of bulbs for a diverse range and extended show.

There is a guide for spring bulb flowering times in the Tesselaar catalogue.